Arrest Made In Southaven Murder

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(Southaven, MS) Police in Southaven, Ms have made an arrest in a Tuesday night murder.

Police found 72-year-old Johnny Moore dead in his home.

There was a puddle of blood in Moore’s car port and his vehicle was missing.

Karl Justin Walls was arrested Thursday morning in Yalobusha County, MS when someone saw Moore’s vehicle after hearing a description of it on the news.

Walls, who lives in the same neighborhood where the murder took place, is charged with capital murder and aggravated robbery.

Amber Foshee grew up next door and got the shocking news Tuesday night, ”I got a phone call from my father, asking me when was the last time I seen Mr. Moore.”

Foshee said she believes Moore could have been dead as long as three days before police found him, ”Sunday morning I came home and my brother had said something and was like, it was weird, Mr. Moore wasn’t home all night and we noticed a lamp in his living room was turned over.”


    • Aha!

      I don’t suppose you are intelligent enough to recognize a birthmark. I bet you have never endured the harassment and rude remarks he has his whole life. Not sympathizing with an accused murderer, but your remark was uncalled for. Bet you were the biggest bully on the block.

      • Jessie Pinkman

        Nope, I was a scrawny 120 lb. nerd that was picked on as a child. I am now a keyboard warrior.

        IMO, once you’re accused publicly of a heinous crime you’re fair game, or are you new to the internet?

        By the way, my I.Q. is high enough to allow me to enter MENSA. How about you?

        Oh, and your your father smelt of elderberries!

  • Aha!

    @Jessie Pinkman — The only thing you are a warrior at is being a
    t-u-r-d. And who the freak cares about your IQ. Those who brag about such things are usually trying to make up for what they do not have. Kinda like when men brag about their “unit.” When the underwear comes off on these men, one needs a magnifying glass to find it.

  • ajones

    lol!! from murder to argueing over the man wow what a bunch of idiots and i am probally smarter than all of you ,why you ask….because i know 1 +
    1=3 :)

  • marie

    The Guy can’t help what he looks like, BUT he can help what he did!! So sad! The elderly gentleman probably only tried to help him.

  • Sherrie

    This guy has been in trouble several times. I still say if we kept people in jail the first time they are caught the crime rate would drop quickly.

  • Taylor.

    I went to school with him…he was very quiet! Never thought it would do something like that

  • JohnSplayswithbigblackTWhackers

    Y’all better be nice John S will tell you that two face has a mom that loves him. Won’t mention the guy he killed has a wonderful family. John S licks T Whackers.

  • JohnSplayswithbigblackTWhackers

    That guy could talk about you and you could really call him two faced. Guess one face will be someone’s love pretty soon in jail

  • JohnSplayswithbigblackTWhackers

    Hank go sip on your corn whiskey. Before you post Reread what you wrote so you can make sure you don’t make yourself look like you are sitting in the trailer park.

  • Funny

    He should’ve thought about murdering that face! Gah! A face only a mother could love. What an idiot!

  • margerry…,,…,sorry.for.the.dots.

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