Missing Plane Found; Pilot Taken To Hospital

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(Covington, TN) The wreckage of a missing plane from Ohio was found in the Hatchie River bottoms.

This is on the Lauderdale and Tipton County line near Highway 87 and Henry Moore Road.

The pilot, 62-year-old Kent Wingate of Xenia, Ohio, was taken to Regional Medical Center in Memphis in critical condition.

Wingate was flying in to attend a funeral when he radioed Covington Airport with a distress call - he was out of fuel.

Air controllers lost contact with the Piper Archer single-engine plane around 11 a.m.

After nearly two hours, parts of the plan were found in a heavily wooded area on the Hatchie River.

Rescue personnel had to flag down a passing boat for transport to the location, where they found Wingate pinned in the wreckage.

He was stabilized at the scene before being flown to the hospital.

FlightAware shows the plane left Dayton, Ohio, at 8:05 a.m. eastern time and was scheduled to land in Covington at 11:05 a.m. Memphis time.

The plane was supposed to land at Covington Municipal Airport.


  • tony and mary chitwood

    Lots of people here in Dayton praying for Kent and Katherine. God bless.

  • memphisisadisgrace

    Wow, out of fuel? Really? LOL. You people need to pray this man never gets back in an aircraft again if he’s stupid enough to run it out of fuel.
    What if the airline pilots you fly with ran the jet out of fuel?

    • MB

      LOL? My friend, Kent, is fighting for his life and you are laughing? Kent is an excellent pilot and an instructor of pilots. I would refrain from calling someone stupid since you have no idea what really happened. Thank you!

      • Dr. JohnS

        Hi MB, I try to help the poor disgraceful memphian out, I have discovered he is just a bully hiding by his computer. I have my pilots license and I know what all can go wrong. Poor disgraceful of memphis just gets drunk and beats his wife.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Disgrace, I take it you have never flown a plane before or your post would have been more intelligent. Plane fuel is not like going to your local corner with your car, there is not a airport every couple of miles that sell fuel. At certain altitudes, determined by the control, you run into winds or storm and it takes more than what you have.

      I just wasted my time trying to explain this too you. I doubt if you care, you get your kicks from trying to knock someone down. I am guessing you tried to do that with your wife and you got the surprise of your life.

  • kilton makulumo

    May god help this man gets well soon every thing which happen in life .We all have to pray because Satan is working against god ‘s Wishes we all have to know that .

  • Nick

    @Dr John – your excuse for the pilot is weak. What you’re saying about certain parts of a flight require more fuel is correct, but as a pilot that is something he should know and prepare for! He was going to a wedding, a wedding should not be important enough to fly on low fuel and risk your life and maybe others as well.

  • Nick

    I’m sure that the people attending the wedding would understand him not wanting to run out of fuel on his way there

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