Caregiver Accused Of Abusing Patient After Potato Chip Argument

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(Memphis) A caregiver is out of jail on $100 bond after police said he abused a person he was supposed to take care of.

The abuse sent a mentally disabled man to the doctor with cuts on his face, arms, and hands.

It all started with an argument over a snack that quickly got out of control.

Justin Holmes was paid to take care of a man who couldn't take care of himself.

The patient is diagnosed with a long list of illnesses, including everything form schizophrenia to specific type of liver disease.

Holmes worked on the job for at least a year, but things took a turn last month.

"I was horrified. That's pretty, that's unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable," Kimberly Largue said.

Largue sat in her car on Wednesday with her head down in disgust after hearing what happened to her neighbor.

Holmes is accused of beating the mentally disabled man.

"There's a special place in Hades for folks who would abuse those that are disabled," Largue said.

According to the police report, Holmes sat on top of the victim and hit him in the face three times with his fists.

The co-worker who broke things up said it all started with a disagreement.

"That's horrible, that's absolutely horrible," said Largue.

The entire argument started over a bag of potato chips, according to the police report.

"A person who can't handle that kind of situation shouldn't even be placed in a care giver situation," Largue said.

The company he worked for, Resources For Human Development, agreed.

A spokesperson said Holmes does not work for the company anymore.

However, the company would not talk about the victim because of federal privacy laws.

“Due to HIPAA regulations, RHD cannot comment at this time,” RHD Communications Manager Kevin Roberts said in a statement.

WREG went to Holmes' house for his side of the story, but no one answered the door.

Largue said she hopes he does not have the chance to strike again.

"Absolutely not back in the position to take care of someone disabled again," she said.

Holmes is expected in court Thursday morning.


  • kay

    I have noticed through the years of reading stories like this some people seem to take food so seriously they KILL over it, brothers kill each other over ribs, a mother stabbed her son over a hamburger on the grill , etc/
    and now its pot. chips, I have even seen on the news,someone stab another with a fork over the last bite of BBQ, WOW, I just wonder if alcohol was involved in any of these, hummm, how shall we phrase this, events????
    not much can be said about their table manners and behavior.

    • Kevin

      and you are another example of an ignorant, half-raised, idiot. When I am done with your mom, she’s coming home to beat you for messing with her computer

  • Don

    Holmes is accused of beating the mentally disabled man.

    This is a story of The blind leading the blind. Well, it works for the Memphis leadership.

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