Security Guard Arrested For Pushing Man Off Bus

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(Memphis) The security guard accused of pushing a man from a MATA bus has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

Adicus Mitchell, 49, was detained by police earlier this afternoon.

He will not be allowed back on MATA property.

More than one witness said the guard pushed a man from the bus, seriously injuring him.

James Gray, 68, is in serious condition, according to police.

One woman, who said she saw the incident, told WREG the guard pushed the man who fell face down and reportedly suffered a seizure.

A photo taken by a bus rider shows a man face down in a puddle of blood.

The witness told WREG the man’s wife and a person who appeared to be his granddaughter witnessed the incident.

Memphis Police crime scene investigators were at the downtown MATA station talking with people and going through the bus.

Interim MATA CEO Tom Fox told our Michelle Reese he is ‘disturbed and appalled’ by the allegations.

Fox confirmed there was an incident on the bus and the driver called for security.

Mitchell is an employee of Pro-Tech, which is contracted to provide security for MATA.


  • badinfluence

    Go ahead and just give him a million dollars now. Save on court cost and lawyer fees. Makes no difference if he was drunk, high, or just causing trouble, a jury of his peers (democrats) will rule in his favor no matter what he did or didn’t do.

    • sickofmemphis

      Boy, you sure dont have any biases or pre-conceived notions, do you? Just blame one political party for all the troubles in the world. What an idiot you are.

      • john manasco

        You may be sick of Memphis but i hope you stay. I wish we could get those among us who closed their minds years ago to due process to just go to Fayette County, lock their doors, draw the drapes, get their guns out, watch the Barbie News Channel, and wait to die!

    • KT1128

      Regardless if the man was drunk, on drugs or whatever the report does not state any of that. The officer did not have the right to push him the way he did. An officer is trained on how to remove or detain a person. It states that the man had a seizure and is in critical condition so this let’s you know it’s excessive force. Oh yes people of your peers (republicans) sue also.

    • LaShonda

      Memphis be just as safe as any be city out there. I ride the bus because I aint got no car and if dont start nuthin nuthin will happens. Shake off them haters Mata. one more thing i love living in Memphis if you dont likes it leave we dont wont you hear no how.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Dear nobody, and you know this to be true? I do not have a crystal ball to predict the future. I know that both men are someone son that loves them, that is all I know for sure.

    • Jack

      The father of all misguided, delusional, destructive, beliefs of “entitlement” comes from the whites.

  • Bennett

    The private security company contracted by MATA is notorious for excessive force. ProTech should be held accountable.

    • bambam84

      How about these bus drivers are known for excessive (verbal) force, on top of incidents of grabbing riders, and generally being downright rude and obnoxious?
      The security being worse doesn’t really surprise me. Typical city employees on a power trip. Smh.

  • MemphisDad

    Wreg always reports events from the perpetrators side of the story. MATA has a problem with out of control riders riding the bus all day drinking liquor and harassing riders. I applaud the efforts of the MATA guard and feel they should hire more to keep their riders safe. Anyone who has ridden a MATA bus lately knows the man was out of control and threatening others. Kudos the guard.

    • George Brown

      Not true. In this case, witnesses are giving the same information. So far MATA has not commented.
      MPD is holding the guard at this time.

  • John T. Dwyer

    As a kid craving to see a movie at the Malco or Lowe’s Palace, I never had any reservations about riding a Memphis Transit Authority bus. Sometimes you could ride downtown and catch a bus going to Arkansas to buy fireworks!
    Later, I wrecked my first car and had to go to Memphis State to work and pay off the damages. I very much relied on the bus to get or anywhere, on time!
    Most times I knew the operator’s by name! I can also remember the radio call letters… KLL720! Always a fun ride.

    I saw this today and had to ask myself…When did they start putting guards on Buses? When did passengers start becoming so unruly they needed guards?
    I recall white men and women, and black men and women riding the bus with me. In a time period of 20 plus years, I cannot recall one time where there was any problem.

    Can anyone truthfully tell me what has created this mess? Is it now way too dangerous to ride the bus anymore?

    I am very sorry for the injured man and feel bad for his family. I also feel bad that the guard had to take whatever action he did, or felt necessary.
    It has been too beautiful day outside for it to have become so clouded by this incident.

    • Bob Calhoun

      You’re thinking the guards actions were necessary and as a mid-western bred, educated transplant to Memphis, I would also naturally assume a bias towards the authority of the security guard over an unruly passenger.

      But I have personal experience with the security thugs at the North End Terminal.and when the senior security guard has been entitled for 20 years, hubris happens.

      Power corrupts and bus riders have such low status that no one will care.

      Especially when the MATA administration turns a blind eye to the abuse of their customers.

      The present security company and all their employees need to be fired and MATA needs to hire a new security company with appropriate protocols in place for all contingencies.

      • The End

        They pay those security guard 9 bucks an hour for armed guard work you get what you pay for……. Security work $ucks

  • Mike Schooler

    What is possibly a man’s granddaughter and his wife see their loved one lying in a pool of blood and are probably mortified, yet all you unthinking, uncaring types care about is making your Fox News comments about the situation. Shame on you.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Thank you Mike, I am glad someone is able to think intelligently and with respect for all people. It is most refreshing see it on this website.

  • It's That Guy Again

    So happy that I have my own transportation now. Using public transportation is pure hell, for sane people anyway. Can not count the times I’ve seen people being attacked on the bus, school children from local schools behaving like soccer hooligans on a rampage, and bus drivers just being plan, straight up, a-holes just for the sake of being a-holes. Sometimes, you just couldn’t tune it out. This incident doesn’t surprise me the least little bit.

  • Bob Calhoun

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. The security guards at the downtown MATA terminal are thugs, plain and simple.

    Last summer, I was taking the bus to Baptist East because I thought I was having another pulmonary embolism and that I could possibly die. I was unemployed at the time and couldn’t afford a taxi much less an ambulance.

    I transferred at the terminal and waited for the 34 Baptist East. But the bus was late, the summer heat was so brutal and I thought I was going to pass out and die. I started waving to the main security guard yelling, “Help! I need an ambulance!”

    The senior security guard approached me and said, “No you don’t” and literally tried to drag me off the property. I needed immediate medical help and I wasn’t going to be thrown into the parking lot. I raised a fuss and made it to the air-conditioning of the terminal where the police were called and, thankfully, an ambulance.

    The police did not charge me with any crime and I spent a week at Baptist East with an unknown and new health problem.

    I wrote a lengthy letter to Mayor Wharton and the director of MATA about the shockingly inappropriate response by public safety officers at a municipal facility to a declared medical emergency, After their investigation, MATA declared that none of their many cameras captured the senior security guard trying to drag me off the property during my medical emergency.

    I wasn’t allowed to view the security footage.

    We really need an investigation of the security department at the North End Terminal. How long has this been going on and how many people have been hurt. Is the MATA administration covering up for the abuses of their employees?

    Please look into this.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Thank you for a most intelligent and respectful post. I appreciate knowing from someone like you what is happening in our city. I fully believe that with people like you we can make Memphis a better city for everyone.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Mr. nobody, do you know everyone that well you can call them senseless names? I love the city of Memphis and instead of calling names and wasting my time, I speak up when someone is being disrespectful.

  • Hard Truths

    Fire Pro-Tech, MATA. Or it will only get worse for you.

    MATA is looking at liability for this, too.

    Pro-Tech has a nasty reputation. I wonder what politician they PAID for the contract.

  • ChrisWilliamslikeslittleboysunderwear

    What created this mess is a bunch of idiots that have no home training and vote democrat. Democrat on Democrat crime. Just take a look around the world. Everywhere you have a bunch us Nigs it’s nothing but chaos and crime. Several of you on here aren’t that stupid to wonder why this happens. The Truth hurts and doesn’t discriminate and doesn’t care about you but the truth is these Villiage idiot are past out of control. Just like Gorillas in the Jungle. I hate it but there is only one person that can save the World. Like I have said that tv show could just move to Memphis. “Nigs Gone Wild” They could work around the clock around this Jungle. My question is his the Villiage Idiot Obama made all you Democrats feel good about the Change he was going to do? I know Change = Come Help A Nig Get Elected.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Chris after your post I now know why you call yourself someone in little boys underwear. I do not know when I have ever heard someone as disrespectful, filled with hate and racism and bigotry. I do hope your mother is not reading what you are posting, I am sure it would break her heart to know she reared a person like you.

      When you have respect for yourself you can respect any one. Until then you have no respect.

      • Nonya Bidness

        Facts aren’t racist, they are just facts. What is disrespectful is you trying to stop someone from stating facts by calling them a racist.

      • LaShonda

        Evebody knows that whites in Memphis comit most of the crime and wes knows the truth Memphis be on the way back up ladies and gentlemens

  • ChrisWilliamslikeslittleboysunderwear

    Mike the schooler you must be a democrat. You better watch out cuz that democrat on democrat crime will get your dumb self. John you are stupid for agreeing. Go find something else to do like play on the freeway you idiot.

  • ChrisWilliamslikeslittleboysunderwear

    John again you idiot my name isn’t Chris. You are about the stupidest person that writes on here. You take the cake. Everyone John S is really dumber then Chris Williams. It’s time to change your names to something with John S. Maybe John S is for John sucz.

  • ChrisWilliamslikeslittleboysunderwear

    If my mom was reading she would say he is a d-mb-ss you are.

  • mr matt

    hahaha…what happened to buses in memphis? forget our billions of other problems…what happened to those buses

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