Man Asks Teenage Bikers To Quiet Down, Gets Jumped

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(Millington, TN) Three people are facing charges after investigators say they beat a man because he told their friend to stop riding a Moped at night in the neighborhood.

It happened off Navy Road in Millington, in a neighborhood where you see kids playing in the streets.

Neighbors on Commander Road say mopeds and dirt bikes are taking over.

“Morning, afternoon, nighttime, 40 to 50 miles per hour, going up and down the street. They don't care if the kids are out here playing,” father Tony Martinez said.

"They have no respect for children at all,” Ashley Maccarino said.

On the night of April 26th, Maccarino's husband was fed up with the noise, and a bike kept going up and down the street.

"We have twin girls who are 11 months old, we didn't want them to wake up my husband went out there and nicely asked them to stop,” she said.

She says the teens cursed them, sped off, then came back with friends.

"They were standing right there in the middle of the street hollering, 'Who is the mother****** that told my friend he needs to get off his moped,'” she said.

That’s when she said her husband was jumped.

"My husband fell in the ditch and all four of them were on him and I was trying to pull them off,” she said.

According to the police report, the teens kicked Zachery Maccarino.

The report says they took his flashlight and beat him with it, hitting his head.

His wife was also hit.

"They pushed me into that concrete ditch with those rocks and busted my head,” she said.

Three people were arrested: Josh Owens, James Black and Joshua Black.

Black claimed it was self-defense and that Maccarino touched his brother first.

"He’s saying everybody jumped him. Nobody jumped him. My little brother beat him up and he just got his feelings hurt because he’s a big old guy,” Black said.

Black said the Moped that started it all won’t be a problem anymore.

“He’s actually going to sell the Moped, it hasn't been nothing but bad luck," he said.


  • The End

    Sell the moped huh…. Nothing but bad luck. Sounds like another heathen punk kid that has no respect

    • Dr. JohnS

      I really do hate to reply to a nobody but you left me no choice. It is doubtful you know the boy and yet you spew hated because of his action and say he has no respect. Just where is your respect when you call him “heathen punk kid?” You may not like it but he is someone’s child and he has worth to them.

  • ChrisWilliamslikeslittleboysunderwear

    Yep sounds like yound punk kids that need their head smashed.

  • DoesItMatter

    Hey Dr. Johns, I have NO respect for ANYONE who does not show respect. They are nothing more than “heathen punks”. And that’s a compliment. Oh yea and IF they actually had decent parents they would not have allowed their precious little never do nothing wrong seeds of satan to be out riding at night in the first place. With that being said I would suggest that the victem seek legal counsel to file not only a criminal complaint against those little darlings but a civil suit against their parants in every way I could, includng home owners. (If they have any), to cover any medical expence. Oh yea one more thing, two or more “conspiring” to commit a crime, which they obviusly did or that PUNK would not have returned with the rest of the nice neighborhood friends, I would also consider an additional complaint for “conspiracy to commit a crime.” Be a good question to ask the the city atty. I mean if some one had hit them with a car no doubt they would. “No need to reply I know I am a nobody and not worthy for any words of wisdom or explanation from an individuale of such a high moral standing such as yourself.”

  • Leavingheresoon

    While I think the punks were really in the wrong, I couldn’t help but shudder when she was saying they had no respect for our children in the street. Why are children in the street?

    • mike

      Gee Whiz! Why are children in the street! leavingheresoon, Why did the Chicken cross the street? left yet? :0)

  • mr matt

    if the fight went down in this guys front yard then the punks are totally in the wrong and can not claim self defense, thats pretty obvious and simple

    • kinglyness

      it wasnt in his front yard, and im not a punk and niether are my brothers, the big dude is a punk trying to bully kids half his age, he got what he asked for, a fight, we told him we wer just trying to talk, i never once laid a hand on him, and neither did anyone else except for james, and the only reason he did was becaus the dude grabbed him by the throat

  • whoyoukiddin

    People with no respect is what this is. Start bringing your kids up right and then you will not have these problems. Know where your kids are at all times and what they are doing. Stop letting your kids run wild and be disrespectful to everyone else. One of these days someone is going to be fed up with your child who does nothing wrong and they are going to wind up in jail or dead.

  • Mdc013

    Funny how it’s a bunch of heathen punks and a old man. The boys in my neighborhood was at fault to handle it the way they did. The law should have been called in the beginning. And that OLD man was a 34 year old drunk that tried to jerk a 16 year old girl off the back of a moving moped then tried to man handle a 19 year old boy which gave him a concussion for grabbing him around the neck. The cops that came to the 911 call that night told me personally that the guy and his wife had been drinking all day while grilling out with others. It’s a shame that violence is the normal way to handle things in this day but a 34 year old man that stands 6,5 265 lbs shouldn’t put his drunken hands on a 16 year old girl on the back of a moving bike or a 19 year old. In the end it worked out the boy was arrested for not letting cops do there job and the liquored up OLD man got a lesson in humility for being a bully. That’s just the way it is.

    • donaknowsitall

      That cop must have ethics issues because police should NEVER be telling the neighbors about those types of things. The cops should be asking questions and gathering evidence BUT should NEVER spread gossip, which this cop is doing.

      You Mdc013 should know that there is a noise ordinance in Millington and that noise should be keep low after 10:00 P.M. The article doesn’t say exactly what time during the night this happened but I know for a fact that I wouldn’t like the noise at night either.

      It is about respect,,,respect for others and the property of others which our younger generation has absolutely no regard for.

  • xander

    They went to his house to confront him, cussing him, but its self defence? if they were so worried about defending their self they should have stayed home. They should really consider their self lucky that the Maccarino’s did not invoke a “stand your ground” defense as i would have.

  • hootie2

    Nobody jumped him my little brother beat him up and he just got his feelings hurt because he’s a big old guy,” Black said.

    So he was assaulted by a thug. So it wasn’t self defense.

  • kinglyness

    it was 8 oclock at night, we didnt jump this guy, he was trying to be a bully, he jerked my little brother by the thoat and my little brother defended himself, nobody jumped him, hes just emberassed that he got handled by sum1 he was trying to bully around

  • Wendy

    channel 3 needs to get the whole story before reporting…they didn’t mention that they assaulted the teens first and were drunk and high partying in the front yard

  • thuglife

    Sensationalism! Freedom of the press, indeed.

    -It started because he shined a flashlight in my friends face and grabbed him by the shirt while he was riding with his 16 year old girlfriend on the back of the scooter
    -That dude and his wife wanted problems. When we got there trying to find out who had tried to tear my friend off of the bike and get to the bottom of it he was belligerently drunk and clearly didn’t want to exchange words
    -It happened in the street. If he didn’t want to fight he could have stayed in his yard. He advanced to where we were.
    -Only one person ever hit that giant of a man, and he was 19. If he had beat us up as badly as James beat him up the cops would never have been called.
    -His pride was hurt and they’re covering up for themselves to the press by making them seem like victims instead of drunk (blank).

    We were wrong for not calling the police on him first. It was a lapse of judgement in a moment of passion.

    I know this news channel won’t follow up on the results in court, but we plan to fight this. The judge recently told us to come to the stand and make our case because the “victims” have changed their story three times now. It’s hard to keep a story straight when you made it up.

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