Funeral for Murdered Parents and Still No Arrests

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(Memphis) Hundreds showed-up to the funeral for an Orange Mound couple who was murdered. It's been more than a week and police have still not found the person responsible for shooting and killing James and Danielle Alexander. The couple leaves behind four young children. One of those children found their parents murdered.

If investigators have leads on this case, they aren't talking. Family members we spoke with Saturday say there are many rumors about what may have happened but still no answers.

People came to Saturday's funeral in droves to say goodbye. For some, the funeral was just too much to bear. Antonio Hassell had to step outside the church, overcome with grief.

“It just hit me so hard because he was a family man and I am too. To never be with your kids again, it hurts me so bad to know that someone will have to be there for them. Somebody, because both of them are gone,” said Hassell.

On April 24, the couple was found murdered inside their Orange Mound home. They leave behind four children under 7 years old. It’s been ten long days since the murders and police have yet to charge someone for crime, “It really hurts me to see so many police out here but it seems like they aren’t doing anything. They haven't found them and he had cameras on his house. I can't believe nobody has been found.”

Rumors swirl that the murders could have been revenge after a fight posted on Facebook between Danielle and another woman. Others believe the killer could be a man that the couple had let live inside their home. Family at the funeral tell WREG they are no closer to knowing who did this and why.

“If anyone knows anything please contact the police and let somebody know,”’ said Hassell.

We understand Danielle Alexander's mother is now taking care of the children left behind.

If you know anything about this crime, call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH.


  • timm

    it is because of the “no snitch” culture in the “inner city” communities. it isn’t because the police are lazy and not doing anything, it is because a black person has been taught from birth to not snitch on another black person.,.

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