Fake Kors & Coach Bags Confiscated From Memphis Gas Station

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(Memphis) We found Marcu McCrary with a Michael Kors handbag stashed in the back of his trunk.

He said his girlfriend bought it from someone, but he wouldn't say who or whether it was real.

“You can find them anywhere, they're everywhere,” said McCrary

Undercover officers found them at the Rainbow Gas Express on Summer Avenue.

According to police documents WREG uncovered, officers bought several of the phony Kors and Coach handbags from 30-year old Merium Hussein at the store.

“Memphis is a city of hustlers. They hustle all the time trying to get money,” said Mc Crary.

McCrary is not the only one who says you can find counterfeit name brand items as easy as you can find a gallon of gas.

“Sometimes they will approach you and make you know they have them,” said Tamera Hayes.

She said it's not a surprise to her they were being sold at the gas station, but she was shocked by how much money police said the woman was making.

Hussein had more than $16,000 in cash on hand when she was arrested.

As for McCrary we asked if he would buy another purse from a gas station, he responded, “It depends if it's close to Valentine’s Day.”


  • MikeBarret

    Who cares isn’t there some real crime to go after? Oh no a fake coach bag. The world is going to end. Coach is gonna go out of business no doubt.

  • Hard Truths

    The emphasis that MPD and Amy Weirich place on counterfeit bling is highly inappropriate in a city with as much REAL crime as we have.

    Oh, it’s NOT a victimless crime, you say?

    I must shed MANY tears for poor, poor Gucci.

    Somebody has been paid off in Memphis for this crackdown. I’m guessing it’s corrupt elements in the leadership of MPD. It has been going on for several years. I doubt that people with fake bling are fooling anybody, so what’s the harm? Just some enterprising people, and some silly customers.

  • mem2002

    This report does not tell you the all story. the money the MPD recovered is not the money from selling the purses, they took store money and made up the story.

    • Hard Truths

      They seize anything they want (money, vehicle) and CLAIM it’s the fruit of the crime.

      Then, even if there are no charges or conviction, the burden is on YOU to prove you’re innocent to get your stuff back. A very bad seizure law that Tennessee has.

      It gives the police the incentive to seize “loot” when they can’t even make an arrest, or certainly when they can. They have this down to a science, folks.

      Catch you with 13 grams of weed. They’ll add a couple of grams to make it over 1/2 an ounce. THEN they get to claim you’re dealing the stuff, and they seize your vehicle.

      Organized Crime Unit — they don’t call ’em that for nothing.

      Chico’s son WAS in OCU before Tony Armstrong kicked him out..

      I caught Chico’s boy in a barefaced lie on an arrest report, prosecutors hurriedly called it a “misunderstanding” and agreed to drop charges.

      This DA’s office does not want to charge cops with perjury, even when it happens right before their eyes.

      MPD is highly corrupt, the worst corruption is in OCU — perhaps because they have the best OPPORTUNITIES for corruption — and nobody who COULD do so is willing to take on the corruption, either within MPD or outside.

      A street gang, in demeanor and in spirit. This is NOT a First World police force. Nor is this a First World city.

  • Hard Truths

    Sez a friend in Mississippi —

    “They will never get respect from people by force. They could do their jobs so much more effectively if they would show others a minimum of compassion and respect. People would go out of their way to help them then.

    They are poking sticks at a sleeping tiger by perturbing the American people. One day that tiger is going to get angry and hungry, IMO”.

    Cops — it’s up to YOU to get along with US. So get your act together.

    OR ELSE.

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