Subpoenas Issued In Joe Brown Court Case

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(Memphis) WREG was first to obtain a full list of the ten people subpoenaed for Friday's State of Tennessee vs. Joseph Brown hearing.

Joe Brown is charged with criminal contempt after an outburst in a juvenile court room in March.

The following ten people were handed subpoenas on Friday afternoon:

  • Hon. Carolyn W. Blackett
  • LaDonna Graham
  • Sandra Blanchard
  • Linda Lee
  • Grady Dickens
  • Alvin Crook
  • Michael Anderson
  • Thomas Coupe
  • Magistrate Harold W. Horne
  • Magistrate Herbert Lane

An 11th person, Dorian Branch, was also expected to receive a subpoena but was said to be on vacation.

Nine of the ten people expected in court work within the juvenile courts system, including Magistrate Harold Horne.

Horne is the man who placed Brown in contempt after a fiery blowout in the courtroom.

Magistrate Herbert Lane was the man who denied Brown's bail before he was release on his own recognizance.

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