Royals Reportedly In Memphis

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(Memphis) Royalty has reportedly arrived in Memphis. Sources told WREG a plane carrying a prince landed at Wilson Air.

Prince William and Harry are expected to attend the wedding of their close friend Guy Pelly, who's marrying former-Memphian Elizabeth "Lizzy" Wilson. She's the granddaughter of Holiday Inn founder Kemmons Wilson.

Because it's a private affair, it's been a guessing game: where will Prince William and Harry go?

The wedding will be held at the Hunt and Polo Club on Saturday, and the rehearsal dinner at the Memphis Country Club on Friday.

Sources told WREG the wedding party is grabbing a bite to eat at the Rendezvous.

Employees don't know if the royals are going, but say Memphis Police Tact Unit already scoured the place, a long with a dozen other places.

It's just one of the added steps the city is taking in case the royals invade the city.

"While I cannot officially confirm this visit for a number of reasons. What I can confirm is that Memphis is ready," said Mayor A C Wharton.

Sources also told WREG the princes will take a private tour of Graceland and are even thinking about going to Beale Street.

They reportedly rented an entire floor at the Peabody hotel and are also renting a house that connects to the wedding venue.

We are told the house is for sale, but no one can view it this weekend, because it's booked. It's the same house a sovereign citizen allegedly settled her family into.

"This is a private event. I do know and one thing I can confirm those are the expressed wishes of the family," said Wharton, as he asked the public to keep that in mind.

Wharton said if the royals come, it will put Memphis on the map. It will drum up tourism and revenue.

"I love them! I have been following them since Diana died," said Beverly McPhail. "I'm not a stalker. I would call myself a royal watcher. An American royal watcher."

The Orlando-native has been following the princes for 13 years. When she heard they were coming to Memphis, she hopped on a plane and flew over 800 miles to get a chance to see them.

"I think it's going to be a lot harder, because it's a private visit," said McPhail. "I'm going to Graceland tomorrow. My plan is to follow [WREG] around and figure out where everyone is going to be."


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