Squatter Guilty Of Assault On Officers

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(Memphis) A Memphis woman best known for squatting in a million dollar home has been found guilty by a jury on a different charge.

When the verdict was read Tabitha Gentry, who does not recognize the American government or court system, had an outburst in court.

As Judge James Lammey Jr. read her the ruling, he said he agreed with the jury, and Gentry fired back with "You are going to be found of human trafficking, genocide, money laundering, perjury and treason!"

Earlier in the day, she refused to sit in the courtroom.

Police say Tabitha Gentry was in a car driven by her boyfriend when he was stopped in April 2012 for driving without a seat belt.

Police say Gentry began yelling that the officer had no right to stop the vehicle and her boyfriend didn’t have to show identification.

Police say Gentry got out of the car, walked toward them while yelling, and refused to get back in the vehicle.

She was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Just six months later, Gentry had another run-in with police after officers pulled her over on South Bellevue for driving with no headlights.

She showed a Sovereign Citizen I.D., but her driver’s license had been suspended.

When police told her to get out of the car, they say she locked the doors, put the vehicle in gear, and ran into the officers.

They chased and then arrested her.

Gentry was convicted Wednesday of two counts of aggravated assault and one count of intentionally evading arrest in a motor vehicle.

She faces three to six years for the aggravated assault counts, and one to two years for evading arrest.

Gentry has two separate charges for squatting, theft of property over $250,000, and aggravated burglary.


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