Woman Surprises Lifelong Friend In Need Of A Little Help

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(WREG-TV) When we Pass It On each week, we do a lot of stories about friends wanting to help one another...but rarely does the friendship go back almost 70 years.

This week, our $600 gift is allowing one friend to help another, and they're both real dolls.

Betty Fleet wants to Pass It On to her good friend Zadie Carter.

They met back in 1947, played dolls together as young girls, and both graduated from Whiteville High School.

"She has given all of her life to others. Always. And she's having some hard times now," Betty said.

Zadie lost her husband three years ago, and her health has taken some unfortunate turns - a broken leg, knee replacement surgery, macular degeneration, and then, three months ago, doctors discovered uterine cancer. They're also worried about a spot they just found on her liver.

The medical bills are getting pretty steep.

"Just because of my love for her and because her need is greater now than it's been in a long, long time. I hope we surprise her. It's gonna thrill her."

Before we see Zadie, Betty warns us she may be one of a few, if not the only, doll doctors in Memphis.

"She has dolls on top of dolls on top of dolls.

Both of these friends treasure their memories together, many of them from when they were young girls when a bad day was when a doll's leg or eye needed fixing.

They know a friendship that's lasted a lifetime is something to treasure.

Betty says passing it on made her heart feel good.

"Really can't describe it. It felt wonderful. It just felt wonderful."

Zadie the doll doctor is pretty much in retirement these days. She will still occasionally operate, but only when she feels up to it.

When their other friends from Whiteville High got wind of our story, a number of others stepped up to help Zadie as well.


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