Video Captures Fight That Sent Two Girls To The Hospital

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(Memphis) Sisters Jericah and Jayla Holloway are beat up and bruised.

“I dislocated my shoulder,” Jericah said.

All because of a fight on their school bus Monday afternoon as they headed home from Cordova High School.

Things got heated when Jericah and a 15-year-old boy exchanged words.

“He pulled my hair and punched me in the forehead about five times,” she said.

She was thrown against the window and punched.

Her sister Jayla joined in to help.

"I was just trying to defend my sister because she was fighting a boy by herself,” she said.

She got punched in the face by the boy's twin brother.

Another student captured the attack on their cellphone camera.

“I’m shocked that boys are picking on girls,” Jayla said.

As the assault unfolds, the school bus driver yells at the kids to stop.

But the girls say the driver didn't break up the fight and continued on her route.

The girls called their parents and were dropped off at the normal spot.

“I find out it was two boys they were fighting so I really got hysterical,” Steve Holloway, the girl’s father, said.

As you can imagine their parent's weren’t happy.

“I’m angry the bus driver didn’t do anything to help her. She didn’t call the police. She didn’t call the ambulance,” the girl’s mother Myca Holloway said.

“She let the guys who assaulted my daughters get off the bus. They lose me right there,” Mr. Holloway said.

The school district released the following statement:

“We know there was a fight involving some students on a Cordova High School bus yesterday. The bus driver attempted to personally break up the fight and reported the matter. All additional aspects of this situation are under investigation by the district and law enforcement.”

But the district failed to answer questions from WREG about the protocol for bus drivers when children are injured on buses.


  • Chris Noblett

    The boys do need a whipping. The bus driver needs a whipping. The kids that sat there and watched and videoed the event while doing nothing to stop it need a whipping.

    • donthidebehindurscreen

      It’s people like you that make these lil boys act like lil bit**es! You’re obviously not a man either..

    • Don

      I agree, The driver has a lot of other things, like driving the bus and get the children to and from school.
      If they need someone to maintain things like this, the parents should volunteer to ride the bus from a pool to keep these these little thugs from acting bad.
      It should be the driver could ban the trouble makers for the rest of the school year from riding the buses, let the parents take them to and from school.
      It is not the driver’s jobs to break up a fight if the combatants don’t respond a demand to stop fight.

  • Mom

    Exactly. Bus driver, male or female, the responsible adult, seemed to have done NOTHING. That is a leadership role. Know your role, use your backbone, or get another job.

  • djfjjdn

    Are you people stupid. It is not the bus driver protocol to break up fights. They will be fired for touching students.

  • whoyoukiddin

    This is what Memphis is becoming. Boys fighting girls. It is the bus drivers responsibility to keep the kids safe on the bus they are driving and as you can see she did nothing. I understand the parents being mad about this, but where are the parents of the boys? On top of that no other student got up to defend the girls. There are so many people to blame here yet nothing is going to be done as long as kids are being brought up with no morals.

  • 3littleblessings

    What I find odd about this video is that after the girl is punched in the face multiple times, she does not retreat. She continues forward, chin up toward the boy. Boys should absolutely never lay a hand on a girl, but I’m curious what occurred previous to the video starting. Something about this seems a little off.

    • bmwjen

      Good for that girl to stand up to that thug. He was quite a bit taller than her. I’m sure the boys mamma is ohh not my baby, my boys wouldn’t do that, da would neva hits a girl.

  • John T. Dwyer

    People keep asking what should we do and what should be done. Well, here it is. No federal state or local money will work quite as well and no legions of police will bring peace and quiet to Memphis like these ten things. Race CAN be brought in! These ten things work for all races!!!

    I’ve lived by them and have done pretty well for myself.
    1. I am the Lord thy God thou shalt not have false gods before me.
    (Money, Cars, Clothes, Things, Junk. Making gods out of stuff.)
    2. Thou shalt not take the name of thy God in vain.
    (No more cursing-disrespectful-nasty-filthy talk. No more “GD” this or that! And I do not mean Gangster Disciple.)
    3. Thou shalt keep holy the sabbath day.
    (Take somebody to church with you. Family-Girlfriend-Boyfriend-Children-Stranger)
    4. Honor thy father and thy mother.
    (Bring respect to both. Bring honor to both. If either or both are absent, bring them honor anyway. Lead by example!)
    5. Thou shalt not kill.
    (Just what it says. No shooting-stabbing-beating or fighting over nonsense.)
    6. Thou shalt not commit adultery.
    (Very simple-if married, no outside the marriage foolishness. Honor the wedding vows you took to remain faithful)
    7. Thou shalt not steal.
    (Just as it says- don’t take what is not yours!)
    8. Thou shalt not bear false witness>
    (Don’t gossip or tell tales about someone else you do not know to be true. In essence, don’t lie)
    9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife.
    (Don’t wish you had that man’s wife, or woman don’t wish you had that girl’s husband. Same goes for boyfriend/ girlfriend. This is jealousy.)
    10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods.
    (Very simple, don’t lie around wishing you had your friend’s stuff. Cars, clothes, bling or junk.

  • teresa

    I drive a bus we are told not to touch the kids and call it in and report it because the kids some of y’all raise will hit and attack us as well .its not like it use to be they don’t respect drivers and their parents its a sorry world

  • mr matt

    and before i get to hear the details on the improper teacher student relationship at melrose, this. how can any parent feel safe sending their girls or any kid to a city school, this is the the sickness from the disease. those boys need to be beat down and so does whoever is raising them, frikin sick.
    something that i have noticed that these punks do to the girls is give the loose slutty ones all the fun attention social media included and treat the respectable girls that turn the boys down like dogs. my hats off to the father for not killing these boys because im not sure i couldve controled myself
    you 2 brothers are the biggest couple of bich wannabe thugs
    where was the other boys on the bus to step in and the bus driver i gotta believe is allowed to do more for 2 girls of that size, there could have been serious head trauma

  • Terrie

    it doesn’t look like the BOY ACTUALLY hit the girl as reported. Looks more like she dodged him. Now, in the back ground there is a 5th person that was getting wit it! AND the bus driver DID attempt to stop it.

  • Julie

    Its good to see a sister stand-up and help her sister. Kudos to their parents for teaching that. I agree that boys should not hit girls and that other kids should have intervened faster than they did. (One can see someone pulling on the backpack of the boy standing in the bus and another pulls the boy off the other girl in the background.) I feel sad for the school bus driver because she is prevented from physically breaking up the fight for fear of being sued by greedy parents.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      BINGO!!!! Thats.EXACTLY what that bus driver shoulda done. And called her boss/superintendent tell THEM!!! Cover all.bases. CMA!

  • pdc

    I want those tow boys to know that this will follow them for the rest of theirs life. To the parent, handle your business and take everybody down for this, school, bus drivers, city of Cordova. Take it to court, all the way to the top. This has to stop in our school. If these were my sons I would be still beating their butts. BOYS YOU DO NOT HIT A FEMALE!!
    They daddy must beat their mom for them to do something like that.

  • sheila

    I wonder how the male population in that area feel about what happened. I would think they would be hanging their heads in shame. Also, every parent of every girl in that area should put these boys on a list. They should not have a date for the rest of their time there. They will grow to be wife abusers. I have all boys. They would still be at the wood shed if they did something like this. Shame on you two boys.

  • Me

    Shows what kind of upbringing these young men have had! Probably learned this behavior at home. I believe these young men have no place in our schools! Should be permanently suspended!!!!!

  • Liz

    I am currently a student at Cordova High and one of these boys was being bullied by one of the girls for being homosexual. She started a fight with the boy & then her sister jumped in & both of them started to fight the boy. When the boy’s twin brother realized what was happening he went to get the of the girls off his brother & then it evolved into an altercation between them. Both of these girls were asking for a fight. They are the ones who started it. I think both the girls and boys should be reprimanded and punished for their actions. Hitting a girl is NOT ok and bullying someone about their sexuality is NOT ok. Realize that the girls aren’t completely innocent of any faults.

  • Kelly

    Same twin boys that wanted to fight me to at school. Im glad they left cordova high!! All they do is start stuff with girls !! Lol now they on the news hahahaha .

  • mr matt

    hahaha if what you say is true i can tell of an incident i saw at olive branch high school after a football game that sounds somewhat the same. the southaven cheerleaders were walking to thier bus and 2 of them started fighting and one was a very feminine boy, he talked like sheenana…ignorant. i love to meet these boys families(not)

  • manofthehouse1

    I’ll see to it that men in this city take a stand on this video, and on the general disintegration of chivalry among boys… Without indicting these children further, l intend to look into several of the issues, most significantly, the issue of these boys hitting girls… regardless of the catalyst. Congratulations to the young man who finally pulled the first boy off of the young lady. TN

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