Race Baiting in The Shelby County Mayors Race?

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(Shelby County) The primary election for the Shelby County Mayor's race is one week away, and things are starting to heat up.

Some are allegeing race baiting.

Steve Mulroy says he was just pointing out political loyalties, but Diedre Malone says there was an underlying message.

Steve Mulroy's campaign is under fire for a robo call that Diedra Malone says is a problem, even though she hasn't heard it.

Malone said, "My campaign is not alleging racism, but supporters of mine are. I am agreeing with the fact that race has now become an issue when it wasn't."

Mulroy added,  "[The call] basically responded to a charge the Malone campaign made, and also contrasted her and I. I have consistently supported congressman Cohen and she has supported his opponents."

The controversy is about support for Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen.

A robo call states Malone supported two of Congressman Cohen's past opponents, both of whom are African American.

Malone says Mulroy's intentions are obvious, even though their names are never said in the call.

"Does it have to be?" she said, "When you are following local politics at all, you know the races of these individuals. It's very clear."

Mulroy responded,  "I think the scare tactic is the Malone campaign saying it's racist for me to point out that I support Congressman Cohen and she doesn't."

Mulroy went on to call the claims laughable.

Both candidates say they hate that race is becoming an issue with one week to go in the Democratic Primary for Shelby County Mayor.

For the record, Congressman Steve Cohen has not endorsed either candidate in this race.


  • Beth

    Mulroy knew what he was doing with that racist automated call. And I believe her name is spelled Deidre Malone.

  • DixieNormus

    Of course they are going to play the race card in Memphis, which is why it is ruined. The majority of its populace only vote in African American. They are racist. It doesn’t matter if the opponent is more trustworthy or qualified…all the see is color and they continue to pay for it with the downward spiral of this city,

  • ChrisWilliamsstillwearspanties

    All 3 of you must be a product of the MCS system. I came tell by the way you right. You should think about going back and learn what they didn’t teach you.

    • Chris Williams Junior

      It’s “WRITE” not “right”. Seems like your private school education was a total WASTE!! DUMMY!!

  • Hard Truths

    My respect for Deirdre Malone just went down a lot. A lot. I voted for her for county mayor last time. I have looked for evidence of her campaign this time, and have seen and heard little.

    This time, she hasn’t raised much money, hasn’t campaigned actively, may come in third to the other candidate in the race, Kenneth Whalum, who has been mostly silent, too, but has a following. Crazies, but a following.

    Ms. Malone has pulled out the standard desperation play in Memphis for a black candidate who has not done her homework — as always, the race card.

    • Terrie

      Well, Malone should fire back at her calling her a racists. Too many blacks in office as it is. Sorry but you know its true aND they have acrewd it up too. Most of them retired early to keep from going to jail for stealing..haha

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