Holly Bobo Case: Third Indictment Coming

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Courtesy The Jackson Sun

(WREG-TV) News Channel 3 has confirmed investigators plan to indict a third suspect in the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo.

Shayne Kyle Austin was granted immunity, but investigators say he did not tell them the truth, breaking their agreement.

His lawyer, Luke Evans, tells us that agreement meant Austin would not face any criminal charges, in exchange for total cooperation.

The Jackson Sun reported the agreement and said, “In exchange for the total cooperation of Shayne Kyle Austin, the State agrees to grant him immunity for all charges arising out of the disposal, destruction, burial and/or concealment of Holly Bobo’s deceased body, conditioned upon him assisting us in recovering the body of Holly Bobo.”

The agreement also said the state would give Austin immunity for information concerning the “possession of any controlled substances, the sale of any controlled substances, the possession of drug paraphernalia, and/or any other drug related criminal activity (not to include any drugs administered to Holly Lynn Bobo.)”

But the indictment has been stalled so his lawyer fired back, filing a civil suit, which delays any action until it’s heard.

Click here to see the lawsuit.

The lawsuit will be in chancery court next month, and it will be up to a judge whether the state or Austin violated the contract.

If the judge decides Austin violated it, he could then be indicted.

Evans tells us Austin takes issue with the state’s contention he was untruthful and insists he has remained in compliance with the immunity agreement.

TBI would not confirm any additional suspects Tuesday evening.

Click here to learn about Jason Autry, the second man charged in connection to Holly Bobo’s disappearance.


  • cheryl

    my ? is why would they harm this girl in the first place? this is such a different world than 50 yrs ago..no one is safe#

    • LisaDe

      Probably happened just as much 50 years ago just technology has advanced so much in recent years we actually hear about it on media. This type of crime has been with man for time immemorial.

  • whitesavagesdevils

    What’s strange about it? The woman met her unfortunate demise at the hands of these snow bird wildabeasts. Most likely was sexually incolved with at least one of them if not ALL of them. They showed no mercy when the couple was killed so I show none. No bigger killer or hypocritical fools than them. Tbi will get to bottom of it am sure

    • cheryl

      the image that was painted of her..i can’t see her being involved with any of those people..just saying

      • Dr. JohnS

        Cheryl, I missed the information you had about Holly being sexually involved with one of these men. Where did you get your information?

    • Dr. JohnS

      I must have fallen asleep through some of this, where does it say that she was sexually involved with any of the men? What couple was killed? I thought it was only one woman and her name was Holly Bobo.

  • Wake Up

    I hope all the losers who blamed the brother, realize what losers they are. Burn these redneck mothers.

  • Idk

    There are plenty of murders around here, why does this case get so much more attention? Justice is not blind.

  • Joe Bo

    These three should be castrated and feed to dogs alive. Talk about “subhuman career criminals”. Wonder how come the usual trailer trash is conspicuously silent tonight?

  • Tack

    ANY “witness” that saw her alive at that guy’s house after the kidnapping should be charged. They knew she was in trouble and it took three years to come forward? It sounds to me like a bunch of meth-heads procured a “toy” for a while. And as their friends came by they too partook in the “fun” if you understand what I’m saying. People like this deserve NO MERCY!

  • SpaceCowby43

    If the authorities keep refusing to honor the immunity deals they make, isn’t it going to get harder to get anyone to help with their investigations?

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