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MLGW Says Power Will Come Back On Tuesday Night

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(Memphis) MLGW crews call the trees in Memphis a blessing and a curse. They're beautiful to look at, but they cause big problems in storms like we saw this week.

As of 5 p.m., more than one thousand people were still without power, even though MLGW spokespeople said they hope to have everyone reconnected by 6 p.m.

Utility crews were stringing the pieces back together after tall trees crashed down in the storm.

Delia Parman lives off Walnut Grove.

She said, "Tree limbs were going everywhere. Patio furniture was going everywhere. Then the tree that caused the damage just snap and it fell on top of power lines and snapped the pole."

Parman says the tree is old, but seemed in good shape before the storm.

Tuesday it was being trimmed and cleared out.

Now crews are rebuilding the lines that power up one side of the street. Luckily, the neighbors who escaped the damage are helping out.

Parman said, "I have a makeshift operation set up. I have a laptop that's powered because of an orange extension cord that my neighboring is powering up across the street, but I don't have Internet."

In the Mid-South, East Memphis saw some of the worst damage in this storm. MLGW officials say one downed tree can take an entire block of houses off the grid so its crews hustled to meet the 6 p.m. deadline.

Parman added, "They are doing assertive work back here trying to get this pole up.  I just don't know. We have been out since 10 o'clock Monday morning so hopefully get it back tonight."

MLGW crews say they expect to have everyone back online by Tuesday at midnight.