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Adopt This Adorable Pug

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(WREG-TV) This is Bo, an adorable male Pug recently rescued.

It's believed Bo is about 7 or 8 years old.

Bo gets along well with children and other dogs.

He does however like to chase the cat sometimes.

Bo was rescued by MidSouth Pug Rescue:

Bo is a little miracle story for us; he was found curled up in a lawn chair last November.

He weighed only 13 lbs, had heartworms, was missing most of his fur, and had a broken jaw.

Although his jaw can't be fixed, he has no trouble eating (he is now 21 lbs!), he has been cured of his heartworms and all his fur has grown back, so other than his mouth hanging open, he is happy and healthy.

Bo, like all pugs, is an inside dog who prefers to be a couch potato.

Pugs do shed and snore, and like to be underfoot, so Bo would do best in a home with folks who understand the pug breed and want a constant loving companion.

To Adopt:


There is an adoption event this Sunday from 2-4 at Trinity Commons on Germantown Parkway in Cordova.


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  • Theresa Southern

    Sweet Bo has been in my home as a foster. He was so sweet and pitiful when I picked him up from the man that found him. It didn’t take him long to understand we were going to love, protect and heal him. My 3 young grandchildren love him. He loves them. He loves to play with them. He loves his foster pug sisters. Sometimes they cuddle all 3 together. My hope for Bo, he finds a loving home. He deserves it. He will return your love many times over

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