Neighbors Let Family Know House Is On Fire After Lightning Strike

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(Memphis) A Memphis family had a rough morning after lightning set their house on fire.

It happened in the 4700 block of Milnor in Raleigh during severe weather Monday.

The people who live in the home heard the lightning strike, but didn't realize what had happened until neighbors told them their house was on fire.

Firefighters were able to put out the fire and rescued a dog trapped inside by the flames.

The second story of the home, though, was heavily damaged by the fire.

Ray Williams lives right next door.

He heard the thunder, but didn't know his neighbor's house was on fire until the fire trucks started arriving.

"I could smell and see the smoke and thought I should get the wife out," said Williams.

Tim Craven lives on the other side.

He says the house is just feet from his and he knows he home could have easily been hit by the lightning.

"You never know, you never know. I'm blessed it wasn’t us," said Craven.

The family inside the home was out before firefighters got there.


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