DeSoto To Tackle Drainage Issues, Bridge Replacement

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(Ingram’s Mill, MS) DeSoto County Supervisor Harvey Lee said Sunday’s storms caused flooding problems all across the County, because they left a lot of water within minutes.

”Especially the storms we’re having now. I’m telling you it just seems like they just dump so much water at one time and a couple hours later here comes another one."

He says that’s why county leaders are watching problem areas very carefully.

Supervisors have begun taking on projects that need immediate attention, like the replacement of this bridge in Ingram’s Mill.

The bridge was originally built in 1965 and it’s still in decent shape by 1965 standards, but not so much for the 21st century.

Lee says rushing water has caused some erosion around the steel pilings, on the bridge that needs to get brought up to modern standards.

”The County is growing so much, trucks are getting heavier. The weight limits on trucks now, are heavier."

Lee says state aid money will help pay for that. In the meantime, the county is tacking a half dozen other projects that affect drainage.

But he says the biggest danger sits along Holly Springs Road where the County has installed gates to stop traffic in flood situations.

”We are expecting water to come over the road. I want to make sure the people in our County and other Counties that come across that byway there are safe."

He hopes to someday build an elevated highway over this flood-prone area.