Memphis Red Cross Volunteers Ready In Case More Severe Weather Hits

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(WREG-TV) Normally, the Red Cross chapter in Memphis would already be on the road to Arkansas to provide disaster assistance.

But because the threat for severe weather remained strong through Monday in the Memphis area, the Red Cross stayed put.

The chapter wanted to make sure its volunteers were available if tornadoes struck locally.

At the Mid-South Chapter of the American Red Cross in Midtown, volunteers were ready if more severe weather hit our area.

"We've really been monitoring the storm cells since last week, because we knew we were going to have the threat of severe weather. And we're always prepared ahead of time," said Kim Cribb, Public Affairs Manager for the Mid-South Chapter of the Red Cross.

Cribb said for now, the Mid-South Chapter will stay here in Memphis, monitoring the potential for destructive storms.

There is, however, still a chance local volunteers could be sent to Arkansas where more than a dozen people were killed in tornadoes over the weekend.

"One great thing about being part of a national network , is we do have extra resources. So if we aren't hard hit by the severe weather that's coming, then we can deploy those that are trained to go help," said Cribb.

To find out how you can become a Red Cross volunteer, call 901-726-1690 or go to

The Red Cross emphasizes preparedness, and encourages you to download its free apps.

The Shelter Finder app updates shelter locations every 30 minutes.

The Tornado App helps families and friends stay in touch if tornadoes become a threat.

Kim Cribb is with the Mid-South chapter of the American Red Cross.

"The great thing about the Tornado App, over the weekend 2.1 million messages went out through the Tornado App to tell people when there were severe thunderstorms or tornado warnings in their area," she said. "It also gives you an all-clear sign so you know when those watches have passed."

You can also download the WREG app to watch live coverage during severe weather, which is especially useful if your home's power is out.

Our app also includes interactive radars.

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