Girl Shot By Brother Has Died

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(Memphis) A 10-year-old girl who was shot by her 13-year-old brother has died.

The shooting happened Monday.

People who live near the kids say they were home alone and this isn’t the first time the 13-year-old fired a gun from his home.

Memphis Police told us they don’t yet know how the boy got the gun and paramedics didn’t even realize the girl had a gunshot wound until she got to the hospital.

The teen is charged with felony reckless endangerment and unlawful possession of a weapon.


  • whoyoukiddin

    This kid is a bad seed. He needs to be charged as an adult. This was no accident on his part. Somewhere along the way of his formative years he was not taught about good/bad, right/wrong much less having moral values and someones life is not his for the taking. He should spend the rest of his life in jail. This is sad to say about a 13 year old, but he is TROUBLE.

      • lovememphis

        He is a bad seed. The police have been called to this house four times in the last year. He has shot at houses and car windows. This kid will never change. He probably showed no remorse when he shot his sister. If they don’t lock him for life, he will be back on street killing other people, or being killed by the police.

    • Otter

      I hope this boy receives the treatment he needs. He is so young that in the right environment with some therapy, he might have a chance to become a productive member of society. Locking him away in a box for the rest of his life is not the answer. This is a very sad and unfortunate situation and I wish access to mental health care was more easily accessible for everyone.

  • hank wesson

    This is very very sad please parents talk to your children children talk to your parents and please learn to respect each other please before it is too late

  • CDS

    My first assumption was that he had not been taught gun safety, not that he is a “bad seed.” Prayers to the family, such a tragedy.

  • Check

    I felt bad for him until they ran the article about him shooting out his neighbors windshields, having a history of assault and shoplifting, and lying about why she was bleeding.

  • tamtam

    The lost of a child is hard no matter the situation. U can do all u can for your kids but they still have a wondering mind. We need prayer warriors for this family. U don’t know if this child had a father n his life, if he didn’t its makes a difference. Men step up for our young child was killed 7 months ago and his father denied him for 20 years.I know their pain.

  • starup

    Its just sad how people comment on things they dont know yea maybe the father isn’t there no one knows the real reason or problems that are going on in the home and that could have been his gun and the mother could be a hard working mother trying to provide for her children and he on the other hand dont care. I watched a cousin of mine bring up a son her only son raised him right even after the father which was her husband walked out on them some where along the years he decided to do his own thing no matter who talked to him and end up getting killed in these streets at the age 15 so its not the parents anymore its not the rap music or what ever else we want to blame it on everyone has their own minds and choices in life,its upon us on which way we choose. Praying for the family

  • Nicole Taylor

    Reading the comments of the daddy’s not being there. I was one, and even though i tried, my children became victim. Nevertheless, it has always been up to us mothers to put aside our feelings, and encourage our childern to press toward the higher calling. Women talk to your children stop teaching them to hate because you’re angry and hurt. Move on, pick your butts up and move on. STOP BEING STUPID! I know things get hard, but once you become a parent single or otherwise we must grow up and scarifice for our children. And this young man needs to face reality and the terms of what he did.

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