Family Picks Up Fight for Justin After Mother Dies

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(Memphis) The family of a mother who died fighting to clear her son's name is promising her fight won't end.

Her son, 15-year-old Justin Thompson, was shot and killed by an off-duty Memphis police officer two years ago.

The officer resigned but was never charged because he said Justin was trying to rob him.

Justin's mother never believed that. Thompson's family is now trying to fulfill her dying wish.

Shirley Thompson's family is raising money to bury her. They're at the corner of Raines and Elvis Presley with buckets and signs.

"I know the community remember him as well as Shirley," her sis, Dandridge Dorris, said.

Thompson battled cancer for four years. Her family believes the stress of losing her son added to her struggle to beat it.

"She was already sick but when she lost her baby it just took her on down. It took her on down," said her sister, Tawana Thompson.

"It probably did. That's a mother's love for her child. Grieved to death," said Jessie Kirby, as she stopped by to donate.

When the district attorney failed to prosecute former Officer Terrance Shaw, Shirley Thompson was left with few answers because the TBI kept records sealed.

She launched her own investigation showing WREG text messages between her underage son and Shaw, text messages she said suggested an inappropriate relationship between the two.

Thompson eventually took her fight to federal court hiring a lawyer to sue the city and former officer Shaw.

Her family has vowed to continue the work of fighting for justice for Justin.

"She fought a hard fight to seek justice and we would like for it to continue so that she can get the justice that she was looking for," said Dorris.

Justice they hope at least Thompson's three younger children will one day see.

The city of Memphis filed a motion today notifying federal court of Thompson's death and there are no other plaintiffs on the lawsuit.

Thompson's lawyer told us he'll answer that motion after he finds out how Thompson's family wants to proceed.


  • mr. matt

    the cop isnt white enough to get attention from the al, jesse, and the left wing if he was at least as white as zimmerman(which he might be just dont look it) they would all be at the police station, rappers would make songs about it, msnbc would go on and on about the racial injustices, videos would be all over youtube, people of Hollywood would be speaking out, there would be marches, riots, teddy bears,BBQs protests, outrage from the black community and even extra ignorant people that will commit hate crimes(but of course wont get charged) by assaulting white people in the streets verbally and physically out of revenge and call it justifiable.

    that being said, something definitly aint right with a cop messaging a 15 year old. i hope they nail this child molesting killer, it sounds like he didnt want thier relationship to be known. good luck to the family

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