2-Year-Old Boy Dies After Being Hit By Car

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(Memphis) A 2-year-old boy died after being hit by a car.

It happened in the 1300 block of Clementine, at the Warren Apartments.

A family member tells us it was an accident, and the driver didn’t see the toddler.

The child was taken to Le Bonheur in critical condition and later pronounced deceased.


  • mr. matt

    a 2 year old who never had a chance,more sadness…when i work this area i see kids running up and down clementine crossing hwy 51 all the time. i never see parents, if mom and dad give a flip i cant tell. hopefully this is a wake up call

  • patty

    That happen because now this day this so call parent are more worried about bullcrap like haven’t fun than play the parent row question? Where in the hell his mother was plus what a two year old baby doing in the street on his own come on now let’s stop being so ignorant.

  • musicianswife92411

    Someone is grieving for a child, and your racist self is talking about getting knocked up for another check? If something like this happened to you, you would be devastated! How insensitive! How do you even live in this world today?

    • donaknowsitall

      Your statement , and I quote:”your racist self”, you are the first person to bring up the word “racist”. Sounds like you are a bit racist yourself musicianswife92411. Nothing racist about any of the posts here (until yours). If the shoe fits, wear it. That what my grandmother always used to say. All the person said that you commented on was about a loss of income – where did the racist part come in?

  • Latecia

    It was a accident the kids play all through the apartments school was getting and they gives the kids in the apartments free lunch so dont blame her cause it was an accident it could have been any body baby so don’t point the finger at the momma cause shit happens just pray for the family this world is so judgemental cause we stay in low income apartments make us nothing but not true I am a mother of 5 high school diploma college degree and two jobs so that makes me unfit so be it cause its sad how many of you seen what happen horrific sight no dry eyesin tge crowd and I was there. It took the ambulance 45 minutes to get here that would have live if they would have came on he would still be here . So don’t say we don’t care about our kids cause we stay in a low income apartments give us more jobs then maybe will be a better environment for the kids

  • iamwhoiam

    If you have two jobs five children with a high school diploma, collage degree….. you need to enroll back in school while your in them low income apartments. Simply because you need the take a English course along with typing class so you can learn to spell check plus prove read….. in addition why are you in a low income apartment you must of went to collage to obtain a degree what in DUMBNESS

  • dinasmom

    I also live in the apartments where this happened. Everyone who lives here are not the same so don’t judge based off of hearsay. I drive in and out these apartments daily and there are always children in the street. There is enough yard for them to play in but some so called parents don’t care or are absent from their children at times like this woman. She was at work Ann’s had someone watching her child. We are a community and no positivity surrounds these apartment. They should just tear these apartments down and let everyone go their separate ways. In the past two years, a two year old has been shot, a two year old has been killed, a woman has also been killed, a guy has been shot in the head, a man fell from a two story window, and much more. Living here I definitely don’t feel safe for my family. Everyone should move away from this hell hole. Now how is that for a high school diploma, associates and in the process of a bachelor’s with 3 kids??

  • Anonymous

    To those of you who are correcting her on her spelling and what achievements she has accomplished, please take a look in the mirror. You are not picture perfect. Everyone has downfalls and we all have to start on the ground level before we reach the tops of skyscrapers. So what she has 5 kids. She continued her education and is working 2 jobs to cover her bills and necessary essentials. Before you try to preach at someone about where they stand or how they chose to live, as yourself Am I God? The sooner you realize that you’re human and that you make bad decisions like any other person the better you and those like you will be. Oh and for the record it’s Proofread not Prove read. Come correct me. I apologize to the family for the ignorance seen here. My condolences to your family.

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