Senatobia Police Seek Suspect In Attempted Rape Of Woman

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(Senatobia, MS) There's a creep on the run who needs to be caught.

He tried to rape a Senatobia, Miss., mom while she was planting flowers Monday, and her two young children had to see it all.

The good news is Senatobia police have two pieces of evidence they think will help find the attacker, but they need your help to nab the suspect.

Two pieces of evidence were found near the scene of the attack.

One was a blue t-shirt with bold lettering that reads, "The Drunk Tank Fishing Team."

Underneath are the words, "We Tried Being Gay Once, But Quit When It Was Our Turn."

The t-shirt and a dark blue baseball cap were found near the house where the attack happened.

The victim, a woman in her early 30s, was outside her home on Browns Ferry Road, planting flowers with her two young children nearby.

Senatobia Police Detective Lt. Lisa Sanders said the victim told investigators the attack happened very quickly.

"She was sitting down and when she heard something, she turned and the guy was already there, on top of her pretty much. So all she could do is just fight for her and her children," said Detective Lt. Sanders.

Sanders said the suspect pulled the victim's clothing down, but the woman used all her strength to defend herself, all the while her children stood by helplessly.

"She told me that when she was on her back, fighting her attacker, that she just could not imagine this happening to her, especially in front of her children," said Detective Lt. Sanders.

After the attack Monday,  several law enforcement agencies searched the neighborhood and woods near the victim's home.

It was first believed the suspect fled on foot, but two witnesses told police they saw the suspect get into a vehicle and leave.

Wednesday, while the suspect was still on the run, Megan Owen decided to go for a run with her dog by her side.

She lives around he corner from where her neighbor was attacked and said she taking some precautions.

"I texted my husband before I left and told him if I wasn't back in a couple of minutes to be alarmed. The other was that I keep my dog with me and I feel pretty protected with him," said Megan Owen.

Charlie Sanders was out doing some yard work Wednesday and said this is the first time a crime like this has happened in his neighborhood.

He said he knows the police are keeping a close watch on the neighborhood, looking for the suspect, but Sanders didn't hide his emotions.

"Just very, very upset and wish we could get our hands on the guy before the police do," said Sanders.

It's believed the suspect got into a an older model Crown Victoria or Grand Marquis.

The vehicle was described as gray or silver and the last three digits on the Tate County license plate are 0 0 1.

If you have information that can help put this guy behind bars, call the Senatobia Crimestoppers at 662-301-1111 or call the Senatobia Police Department at 662-566-5643.


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