Does This Product Deliver On Its Promise Of Fruit-Infused Water?

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(WREG-TV) There's nothing better than a cool refreshing drink when it's hot outside.

This week, we tested a product that claims it can deliver just in time for summer.

The Mighty Mixer claims to make fruit-infused water in a snap and perfectly blended smoothies in no time, but Does It Work?

Paula Towery is a stay-at-home mom with two kids who love water, but they get bored with it quickly.

"I think my children would love to try some water with some flavor in it. That would excite them!"

Plus, it's all natural, which is even better!

The Mighty Mixer comes with a 28 oz. cup, a twist lid, a snap cap, a blending core, and a freezable ice core.

Paula decided on mango-infused water. With a quick glance at the instructions, she was off, slicing up chunks of mango and placing them in the blending core.

The mango chunks did get clogged in the blending core, but Paula was able to slide them down further using a knife.

The instructions called for letting the fruit sit in the water for three minutes. After that, all you needed to do was shake it.

"It's good! I like it! My kids would love this!"

And making a quick afternoon milkshake was just as easy.

Paula poured in the chocolate syrup, added a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a cup of milk.

"Its tastes good! The ice cream seems to be blended well into it!"

Mighty Mixer, you passed the Does It Work test!

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