Could Money Solve Youth Violence In Shelby County?

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(Memphis) Parents and crime fighters are all joining in the fight against youth violence in Shelby County.

Just this week, a 13-year-old boy was charged with shooting his 10-year-old sister in their Whitehaven home, three teens were charged with robbing and killing a contractor last year are now indicted on first-degree murder charges, and a 14-year-old was shot in the leg when someone fired two dozen bullets into her Whitehaven home.

"We need to find a way to get the guns off the street," said Memphis City Councilman Harold Collins.

He said gun crimes are stealing the lives of our children, "and the first thing we need to do is ensure that our young people are in places where guns are not accessible."

Collins along with county leaders think more money needs to be devoted to youth programs.

In today's budget hearing, Shelby County Commissioner Mike Ritz asked why all community service funds go towards rehabilitating adult criminals.

He wants to devote some of the money to children getting out of the juvenile system.

"Out of the court room, back in school, and hopefully give these kids a chance at a successful life," said Ritz.

The violent youth crimes have a Memphis gang leader hitting the streets. He's preaching any way he can and teaching kids guns aren't the answer.

"We got to stand up for one another and stop the violence," said Frank Gotti.

He said so many kids idolize the older men on their streets, in their schools and on the television.

"They are learning from the older people," said Gotti. "We got to love one another. Join the movement!"

He's asking everyone to stand together and try to save our youth.

Councilman Collins said right now, the mayor's budget doesn't devote any new money to youth programs, but he plans on addressing that before the budget is passed June 30.

Commissioner Ritz said most commissioners like his idea, and want to look at the Community Service funds.


  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    Frank Gotti, good luck to U. Its going to take more than just one to accomplish all that. U need a lotta backup. But I wish u the best of luck my friend.

  • lauran

    The focus should be on the barriers that exist in their lives, than work from there. Ignorance is an ugly thing.If the mind sets change in the community maybe than we will see a change Pray for our young peopl.

  • d johnson

    What a joke barriers? muder,stupidity?money? get real! Memphis is a total failure on top of that city mayor just 2 weeks ago went to New Orleans for youth violence meeting? same old cycle of give me money. Be so glad to get out of this cess pool. Sign me so long Memphis!!

  • og frank gottie

    we haven’t ask no one for no money if anything we ask for is food for the kids I’m.keep pushing da movement for our city,!!! I know it’s gone take more than me!!! The city tired of all.these.crimes involving guns I’m tired of seeing our youth go down the wrong path!!!I’m stand up for my city. N I need da people to take a stand with me join.da movement on Facebook PUT THEM GUNS DOWN AND FIGHT LIKE A MAN!!!It’s real!!!or email me

    • person

      but other than that, I like sentiment. I mean I don’t want these kids to fight, but if they are going to do it anyway, the don’t need to bring a gun.

  • ChrisWilliamsisaDummy

    It should say can money save black on black crime. No it can’t. Amazing how the nigrs want to be white so bad. Also how y’all think that monkey in Washington is so good. He is good at ruining the Country.

  • Bill

    Why not offer free Vasectomys to reproductive age men, 17 and under? when I’m elected City Mayor, I’ll make it happen.

    • lauran

      Since you know what’s best why dont you take your a$$ down to the hood and tell the bangers your strong opposition and lets see what happens

  • smith

    You could give blacks all the money in the world and it still wouldn’t be enough. Pull all the money from these people now!

  • langor1

    Respect for the value of life and one another is the only thing that will stop this violence. Money will be no cure.

  • ChrisWilliamsisaDummy

    Blacks tear down things. They could destroy an Anvil. Amazing how easy it is to drive around town and just look at the trash and the unkept property and know what neighborhood I’m in. Why is that Chris Williams? Why is yo brothers and sisters not got no home training. Oh and these little black kids mouth is horrible. Lauran is white and doin her a brother. I bet a Mississippi girl.

  • ChrisWilliamsisaDummy

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  • hank wesson

    Law enforcement needs find out who is supplying these kids with guns and then maybe they can solve this problem stop tying the hands of law enforcement and take the crimanals rights away once they are aressted

  • T. X.

    Same old Democrat way of thinking: throw money at it and it will be ok. Time and time again, this has been proven to be the wrong approach. This city is definitely a cesspool of ignorance. With teen births, deadbeat dads, grandmothers raising their children’s children, etc. It is never going to be any better until the children get good old fashioned home training from BOTH parents.

  • og frank gottie

    APPRECIATE da negativety That’s what makes me keep pushing. The only reason you don’t care cuz you still stuck on the old days!!! To me you all just sound racist but I can’t fight you for thewha Peacet you think. BUT I WILL PRAY FOR YOU!!!

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