Police Tackle Carjacking Suspect

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(Whitehaven) Police tackled a man they say stole a car and robbed several people.

Aliou Sy was arrested over the weekend after police said he carjacked a man, pulled a gun, and robbed several people at an apartment complex in Whitehaven.

It all started with a terrifying encounter for a driver on Millbranch Road.

Police say Sunday night, Sy carjacked another man at gunpoint, and that was just the beginning of his crime spree.

Police said Sy drove the carjacked vehicle to an apartment complex and robbed several people at gunpoint.

One resident, LA Flax, said the whole thing happened right in front of him.

"We were right here in this exact spot we're in now. He was right there. We were looking at him. He was right there where that black car is now," Flax said.

Police said after parking at the complex on E. Holmes, Sy pointed the gun at a man, took his wallet, phone, cash, and watch.

Next, they said he held a woman at gunpoint, demanding her necklace.

He tried to rob two more people, but one of the victims called 911 and police arrived just in time.

"He just ran over there across the street, and they had him on the ground and maced him or something," Flax said.

Police said gun fell out of Sy's pants when they tackled him, and they found marijuana outside the stolen vehicle.

Flax said, unfortunately, crimes like these happen all the time in his neighborhood, and there is only one way he knows to stay safe.

"Stay in the house," he said. "Stay in the house. That's all I can tell you. Stay in the house and avoid certain people."

Sy faces multiple charges, including carjacking, aggravated robbery, possession of marijuana, and evading arrest.


  • Ricky

    What’s sad is, when all is said and done, he’ll probably serve a total of fifteen years for crimes that could’ve killed or maimed someone. Bury that demtard P.O.S..

  • Fed up

    Just another thug in Memphis to lazy to work. Bring back the chain gangs let those boys learn what manual physical labor is all about. Make them hoe cotton and plant their own food. They don’t work they don’t eat!!! Prisons wouldn’t need a big budget. Systems broke because to many liberals out there letting these thugs (white, Mexican, & black) off easy. Today prison is a hangout spot. Most of these folks get 1-2 years and the rest is suspended or probation. I guarantee that if the American justice system brought back public execution the young folks would start thinking before they committed a crime.

  • gmoney

    he’s a good boy, he’s got a good heart, always makes everybody laugh…I don’t believe he did what they say he did….

    says his grandmother!

  • foreverME

    OK look I’m not condoning his actions but sumtimes Its not as simple as ppl make it out to be. I know this young man personally and i speak from experience, sometimes our ENVIRONMENT or LACK OF RESOURCES make us behave as out of charecter. He doesn’t need to be beaten, or killed, or any of that be nonsense. He needs an opportunity. .I certainly wouldn’t want to be a teen in Memphis in 2014

  • Nonya Bidness

    His first opportunity was public school, what did he do with that opportunity? Probably not much.

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