Easy Things You Can Do To Keep A Positive Attitude

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(WREG-TV) It's easy to get into a bad mood, into a slump and to spread that negativity to others.

Michele Phillips wrote a book called, Happiness is a Habit.

Phillips, who has a dynamic, energetic personality, told us there are simple things you can do each day to keep the negativity at bay.

“The one area that controls us more than we realize is our habits,” said Phillips. “You are your habits. We create our habits and our habits create us.”

What you eat in the morning, how much sleep you are or are not getting are among the things that affect our outlook according to Phillips.


  • For Real

    Not everyone believes in bible and its words. Some of the most positive people on the planet are enlightened without religion. Maybe Sunday mornings keep you grounded but people who reach for something beyond that seem to figure out positivity in a much clearer way.

    • For Real

      According to your religion, you just judged me which is a sin, right? I wouldn’t expect anything less from a so-called Christian who spends their life in complete denial and practices nothing that they preach. Have you seen this so-called hot place you speak of first hand? It’s funny how there is a church on every corner in Shelby County yet crime has escalated beyond control.

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