Neighbors Demand Tougher Rental Home Rules

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(Horn Lake, MS) When a drive-by shooting happened a few doors away from his home, Mike Stage noticed it started with new neighbors in a rental home.Then he noticed his neighborhood had a lot of rental homes.

”They’re like drug dealers that they rent homes to. Whoever’s got the money. Like somebody selling crack or something," said Stage.

He says Horn Lake needs to hold property owners accountable when it comes to whom they choose to rent.Stage says he’s counted dozens of rental houses within walking distance of his home.

He complains that, for the most part, those rentals bring in temporary residents with no stake in the neighborhood.Aldermen say Horn Lake already has some property laws on the books.

”We do have ordinances on the books to address all the property owners and rental properties, on the books at this time,” explained Horn Lake Alderman Charlie Roberts.

However he admits the city doesn’t have the manpower to enforce them.

Meanwhile, the mayor says the city has a renewed emphasis on public safety.

"Horn Lake has the lowest assault percentage in the County from what I’ve been told and the specific instance of the drive-by shooting, those people were arrested that very night,” said Mayor Allen Latimer.

He cites the reorganization of Neighborhood Watch and says the more people report crime, the more police can focus on problem areas.

”We want all or our citizens to be safe and enjoy living in Horn Lake," said Latimer.

Stage just wants the current laws enforced, and perhaps a few, new, stronger ones, ”We got some real good police officers here, but we need some ordinances to get a grip on these landlords is what we need.”

He says he plans to stay on top of city leaders until they take action.


  • MikeBarret

    Guess what we can’t all afford to take a mortgage. Some of us have to rent or we’ll be homeless. Would you rather have a bunch of homeless people in your neighborhood?

      • The Real HatesElvis

        Just white people.??? Hide your kids from those white pedophiles and watch out for meth being cooked in the shed and don’t let little Billy Bob shoot up the elementary school…

    • Brian

      Those who move in and bring crime and disruption of peace to the neighborhood *should* be homeless. If you can’t act civilized and respect others around you, you should be out on your back side- *especially* if it’s disruptive to a property owner. It’s unacceptable in an apartment setting as well, but it’s especially egregious in a neighborhood of owner-occupied homes, IMO.

      It’s a bit disingenuous to imply that Mr. Stage is advocating an end to all rental homes. If the landlord is appropriately screening tenants and is following through with eviction on those who slipped through screening, it’s not an issue. One or both of those isn’t happening, it would seem.

    • Julie SaintClair

      Well if they were homeless they wouldn’t be in the neighborhood, or any neighborhood for that matter.

    • Duncan

      More like don’t have the required Credit Rating to take a mortgage. Most people know that buying is cheaper than renting…. especially with today’s low interest rates. Do your research.

    • Cheryl Marty

      No acually I would like a lot more Homeowners, then people would understand when you own you can’t just up and move because a bunch of non-working fools think it’s ok to pull out the cooler and tunes at 11 pm on a sundya night and party when you have to get up at 4 am to go to work. More homeowners = nicer area’s = higher home values. Too many rentals can drop home values like a rock.

  • Same sh.. different Day

    Rather someone is buying or renting, you dont know who’s leaving next to ya. Having money has nothing to do with charactor.

  • ChrisWilliamsisaDummy

    Nope I have a home. I don’t put trailer park people down cuz anything could happen. There is some drama in the trailer park. I’m pretty sure there are toothless black people in the trailer park. If there are blacks there I bet there is crime.

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