Grandmother Goes On The Defensive After Leaving Sleeping 4-Year-Old Grandson In Car

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(Memphis) "Everybody is lying. Everybody that don't know what happened is lying," Ruth Brown said.

She's a grandmother on the defensive.

"I am gonna tell the truth. I am gonna stand up for my rights, 'cause I believe in God. I don't believe in all this bull----,"  she said.

It was her 4-year-old grandson who was the real victim in all of this.

He and his grandmother were driving home from the store, and the little boy fell asleep in the back seat.

Brown says her daughter's boyfriend was outside the house as she unloaded groceries Friday evening.

She went inside to get someone to come and get the sleeping 4-year-old since he was too heavy for her to carry.

"The car was right here, all the way up. So what is the problem? He wasn't in any endangerment. Her boyfriend was standing right there," said Brown.

Brown says it wasn't more than five minutes, but that was enough time for her car, with Kevin inside, to vanish.

"I just thought someone had come up here and stole it, straight wired it, because I had the key," said Brown.

Turns out the car had been repossessed, and the repo man never knew about the sleeping child in the backseat.

"When they have a repo, they go in, they have the keys, they get the car and drive off. That's all there is, " Sam Young, manager of Cooper and Son Auto Sales, said.

"The man at the car lot is dirty and low down for doing that. You miss one day and they want to come behind your back and not let you know they are out here," Brown said.

Kevin was safe, but now Brown says she is being made the villain.

"This was a 4-year-old child and anybody could have stolen the car. So everybody want to blame me right? Everybody wants to blame me. We are right here at the door ma'am. No harm can come to him because I came right back out to get him," said Brown.

As of now, authorities don't seem to think Brown did anything wrong.

Police have not said that she will face any charges and officials at the Department of Children Services say they are not investigating and have not been contacted about the incident.

If anything, this close call has become a lesson to a grandmother and everyone else that leaving a child unattended in a car for even a minute can be very dangerous.


  • Chris Williams jr

    Grandma, we know u didn’t mean for it to happen. Now let it go. The boy is safe and sound.

    • Poverty, lack of education and dishonesty repeats generation after generation

      I disagree. I think the boy is neither “safe” nor “sound” if this is the quality of the caregivers responsible for him.

    • NCOWife2

      Boyfriends and children…No way. She is an older woman and historically speaking, she would not have asked him to pick that child up (which is why she attempted to get another family member)…BUT I would have definitely asked him to carry those groceries and stay with the baby myself. What stands out more to me is the kind of man that would stand on a porch and watch a woman unload a car. Daughter needs a new boyfriend.

  • A. Mahaffey

    O.K –Boyfreiend outside? Why did he let the car go? 1 day late on pmt? No 30-60 days before repo— Usual non-responsible BS from negligent providers

    • NCOWife2

      Like I said in a previous post on this story…the dealer is likely a Tote-the-Note dealer. If a payment is due on the 3rd of the month and they don’t receive payment by the close of business on that day, the owner may not have a car after midnight. Many of these shady businesses sell lemon cars with excessive mileage for the cost of new cars and they do not offer a payment grace period. Their primary customer base is made up of low income earners with little to no credit and who are desperate for transportation.

      • Nonya Bidness

        Yep, and if you have run your credit into the ground no one want to give you a loan. I believe these tote-a-note car shops should be shut down. This would take all those irresponsible drivers off the road an I wouldn’t have to worry about being hit by someone with no insuracne!

  • LaQuintarious

    “’cause I believe in God. I don’t believe in all this bull—-,”

    If you believe in God, wash out that filthy mouth of yours.

  • mr. matt

    “we right here, cant not nothing happen” well it did u big dummy, and”dey take yo car after u miss one day and dont tell you” im sure they told u when u bought the car u big dummy. some folks are so full of excuses and refuse to take responsibility or admit when they are wrong. what kinda crappy boyfriend doesnt help with carrying the groceries or the kids?? igmoes

  • Oh Really

    So if the boyfriend was standing out there with the car, how did it get repossessed without him knowing? She said herself that she thought it was stolen. If he was “right there” with the car, he would have known what happened, because he would have seen it.

    Lady, if you believe in God, then I assume you also know that lying is wrong. So is not taking responsibility for your actions.

    You messed up. You might not be the worst caregiver in the world, but you aren’t someone I would trust my child with. Not just because you left your grandchild unattended, and he was essentially kidnapped under your watch, but because you are trying to lie about it.

  • Stupid and uneducated

    Nothing could have happened to him.
    Oh wait, except that time the your car was taken with him in it and you didn’t know it.

  • God and bullsh*t

    “Ain’t nothin can happen to him cuz I came right back! The boyfriend d was right here! Erry body wanna blame me! I ain’t done nothin wrong!”
    “Except that the the car was taken away with your grandson alone in it, and you didn’t know it”
    “Oh yeah, well, that happened, yeah”

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