How Will ‘Questionable Comments’ By The Shelby County DA Candidates Impact Their Campaigns?

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(Shelby County) The two candidates vying to be the next district attorney general in Shelby County won't face each other until August, but they were making news this week with questionable comments.

Incumbent DA Amy Weirich raised eyebrows when she decided not to pursue charges against an off-duty sherif’s deputy who shot a man six times during a fight on Beale Street.

Weirich acknowledged she made her decision without ever talking to the victim.

Meanwhile, challenger Joe Brown let it be known he considers himself the boss of the local Democratic Party these days.

The Informed Sources team discussed the impact of all this on the campaign.


  • Thomas H. Evans

    Somebody needs to be the head of the Democratic Party; the last and current heads are doing nothing to get people excited about this party. Is Joe Brown the answer, I don’t know, but whoever is there now isn’t! Amy on the other hand is very weak in decision making. Every time there is a police officer involved in anything it takes her six to twelve months or more to make a decision. Tony Armstrong probably isn’t any help. We would probably get more people put away with Joe Brown as DA.

  • Don

    Joe Brown Clown as DA. His title is right, DA stands for Dumb Arse.

    Amy is doing a good job, lets just vote her back in.

    Tony Armstrong might help might help the Clown when he goes on the road, they would do well together doing the stupid “here come de Judge ” skits. Neither know anything about Law.

  • ChrisWilliamsisaDummy

    Amy is horrible. She should be locked up for her dumb decisions. The Monkeeee Brown is a joke. Better get some true leaders in there. They need to be white. No offense but look at the city after the mor-n willie took over. Memphis went down quick and y’all keep voting them in. Blacks that is. It’s great you stand for your black brothers and sisters but they are running things in the ground. I’m getting ready to leave this cr-ppy
    place soon, more money leaving and I know others that are.

  • Hard Truths

    Amy has never had a legal job other than as a prosecutor. To a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    Amy has NEVER known of a police officer committing perjury, so she does not believe that such a thing EVER occurs.

    She was HAPPY to give that Mississippi deputy a free pass for shooting a man six times.

    She is loyal to the police AND NOT TO THE PUBLIC.

  • Tracy

    AMY is no good my daughter was picked up in mississippi took to Memphis where she was then raped the man admitted to police put it in writing but we got a letter from her office saying there wasnt enough information how much more do you need she let him go

    • Kevin

      I hope Amy get the pleasure of being on the other end of some of this crime going on that she’s doing nothing about. It would be fitting for her to have to throught the same stuff that these other raped women are going throught and just maybe she would understand or at least care a little …

  • Kevin

    Joe Brown will win this election … he shouldn’t be hard running against the fool that’s in office already …. don’t need a another racist hick running anything around here but thier mouths …..

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