Child Injured In Ten-Car Crash Dies

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(Memphis) A 4-year-old boy injured in a ten-car crash last week in Raleigh died Sunday.

Family members tell us Maxximus Sales was removed from life support Sunday afternoon, after being critically hurt in the accident.

Maxx and his mother were among six people injured in the wreck.

A Mustang slammed into nine other cars Wednesday night at Raleigh Lagrange and Covington Pike.

The driver of the Mustang was pronounced dead at the scene.

It is still not clear what caused the crash.

Witnesses tells us that driver may have had some sort of medical problem before the accident.


  • Susan Hesson Andersen

    I see so many children in Memphis riding in cars without being properly restrained in a car seat, booster seat, or seat belt. I am so sorry to hear about this poor child. Please people, if you love your children, do not allow them to ride in a car without being properly seated. Accidents happen. it’s a terrible thing. A child’s life can easily be saved simply by clicking that seat belt or installing a car seat.

    • Hurricane

      The media never specified if the child was not retrained or not! The mom & family has a lot to deal with & assumptions does not needs to be added to the tragedy they’re already experiencing! Even if the child wasn’t in a seat belt, freak accidents happens & we’re all human. Therefore after loosing a child, negative comments are really not IMPORTANT right now! People should keep their personal opinions to themselves!!

    • Hurricane

      It might have just been meant to happened!! So you actually think this woman did not love her child! Are you a perfect mom & How do you know that he wasn’t in a car seat? And even if he wasn’t in a seat belt, do you think your comment was appropriate for a grieving family? It’s very touching that this woman has lost her child & for you to make the comments you made is HURTFUL, WRONG, INCONSIDERATE & NEGATIVE!

    • Catina Marie Johnson

      I know the family and the child was restrained and in a car seat. Before you judge know the facts. This is a horrible horrible horrible tragedy and I dare you to judge her so eroneously. I pity you!

  • Susan Hesson Andersen

    Hurricane, I don’t know whether or not the child was restrained. If you read my comment carefully, you’ll see I said “I see many children who are NOT restrained…” I’m commenting about the overwhelming need for parents to put the safety of their children first. I can drive down any street in this city at any time of day and see people holding babies in their lap in the front seat in cars with airbags, or children leaning out of windows of cars with no seat belt or car seat. It’s dangerous and irresponsible. I didn’t say anything about the mother in this instance, but you apparently overlooked that. I’m talking about child welfare overall. I think this is accident was a horrible tragedy. I also think that allowing children to ride in cars without safety restraints is just wrong. Love means putting your child’s welfare and best interests first ALWAYS.

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