High School Student Shot, Killed On Easter

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(Memphis) A 17-year-old was killed in a shooting early Sunday morning.

"Why, why, why they had to kill him? Why? My son," Vernardica Odom said.

A mother's pain was felt throughout an apartment complex in Frayser.

"They took my son away. He wasn't nothing but 17," Odom said.  "Why?"

Lamarcus Odom was shot at the Pershing Park Apartments in the 1600 block of Pershing Park Drive in Memphis.

"My son got killed at some 12:00 - 1:00 something in the morning," Odom explained.

Lamarcus was a student at Raliegh-Egypt High School and enjoyed the things most kids do at his age.

"He was in the 11th, he liked playing football, he liked playing video games," Odom remembered.

The 17-year-old's blood lied amongst debris in the apartment building hallway.

"He was not no bad child. He just hung with the wrong people," Odom cried.

A stuffed rabbit tied to the railing with crime tape served as a reminder of the tragedy that struck for this family on Easter Sunday.

"I'm going to miss him cause last time I talked to him he told me he loved me and I told him I love him too," Christie Odom, the victim's sister, said.

"He gone. He ain't nothing but 17. Now he got to live up in heaven cause I know that's where he's going," Vernardica Odom said.

As the tears continued to fall, a family grieving their loss had just one message for whomever pulled the trigger.

"Whoever you is I wish you just please show your face turn yourself in please I'm asking you," Christie Odom said.  "Why did you all do that for?"

Police are still looking for answers to the victim sister's question.

The investigation is still ongoing, and no arrests have been made.

Anyone with helpful information should call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.

The family is having a fish-fry fundraiser to help cover funeral costs Thursday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Madea's Restaurant (2665 Overton Crossing Street).


  • whitesavages

    This kid was only 17. Show some respect if you want the same afforded to YOUR side. He most likely was shot by some weak narrow minded jealous sissy of a man. I see it across racial lines. Instead of setting things like men everybody reaching for guns like the white dude in Florida popping an old black guy because he asked him to watch his tongue.

    • Don

      I don’t think it was the white dude in Florida, Probably a Memphis hood rat. This is just a way to pass the buck.

      The parents should have the children inside of the home before 10 pm.

      • Joe Bo

        Dorty, a young Man lost his life, and it could have very easlly taken place at 10am. This happens all the time. Just shows how callous you and others are dwelling on his time of death.

  • Whycome

    Why, why, why was he at the Pershing Park Apartments in the 1600 block of Pershing Park Drive between 12:00 – 1:00 something in the morning?

  • dee

    sad to say but this kid was in a gang. the gang is called ” fast cash” a new gang and they are trying to gain momentum in then streets. this is most likely retaliation for something they have done. i hate it for him but they really need to set down somewhere

  • Jon-Jon

    Certainly a sad situation that another young male black is gone. I’m not going to judge, but I do know this much. Someone had it in for him for some reason. He should have talked to someone about the situation whether it was his mother, father, or anyone. Wrong pace at the wrong time. I don’t think so. Right in front of his house. God be with the family


    Hi my name is (@#$%&#, @$#%) he was my best friend he die right in mi hands last nite.we were having alot of fun and out of n00000 were 10 people pop up and wuz looking for mi cuzin and him.soooo they jump him, then they shot him right in front of mi eyes.And we where so shock and stuck in fear.I tryed everything to bring him back but it wus to late.my soul, and,heart is nooo were to be find…. p.s. LUV U NINO RIP YOUR BEST FRIEND K3@#$%,%^&* NEVER FORGOTTEN…………………………………………………………………..

  • Aha!

    I know exactly where my 13, 18, and 19 year old kids were at the time this young man was killed. They were at home asleep instead of hanging out on the streets. His mother should have told him like mine did and I told my kids — nothing good happens after midnight.

  • not sure

    hey evette how do you know your daughter did not have something else down her throat. These girls now a days are freaks I have heard some crazy stuff coming out of these kids mouth of what their friend have done. So don’t thinks your 17 is such an angel. She may not be.

  • blakspartan

    In my line of work not every teenager is your innocent victim, some of them live lifestyles that has death or prison knocking at their door at every turn

  • Julius Jones

    Nothing good happens after midnight, especially for a 17 year old. Another example of great parenting in Memphis.

    Say, have they started chucking teddy bears on the lawn yet?

    • Joe Bo

      What a kuntry dumb commit, you think that Memphis is the only place in America that teens be out after midnight? You soo typical.

  • Darrell

    I guess the young man’s life in meaningless to you all on here. Judge not or you will also be judged. It doesn’t matter what time of day, who he was with or what they was doing, a young man’s life was taken and many will be hurt.

    • Jon-Jon

      I value all life. But some of us don’t have any sense of values. And for the record it does matter who you hang around, what time you’re outside. and most importantly what you are doing. Black people are full of excuses. Maybe if the boy was in bed getting ready for church on Easter Sunday, he’d still be here. But he’s not. A message to all of you young people who think they have all the answers. If you’re at work, school, church, or doing positive things with your life the likelyhood of you getting in the middle of some mess is highly unlikely.

  • Jon-Jon

    Let me tell ya’ll a thing or two. 45 people were shot this weekend in Chicago this weekend. I’m willing to bet they were all black. Why do we continue to kill, rob, and burglarized one another. I see this mess every day in Memphis. Black people always have an excuse. Then at the funeral we put these people on the top shelf. ” He was a good boy.” Then the man got a record a mile long. I truly love my people, but some things have to change. First we all have to work for a living. Stop selling dreams to our kids, everybody can’t go to college. But I believe everybody has a talent. A parent has to find out what that talent is and pointb that child inthe right direction. We need our own businesses in the black community and we need to treat each other better.

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