Man Shot At Checkers In East Memphis

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(Memphis) A man has been shot at a Checkers and transported to Regional One Medical Center in critical condition.

No suspects have been arrested.

The Checkers is located in the 4500 hundered block of Mendenhall and Winchester.


  • browning

    the commercial appeal means “hickory hill”……thats not east memphis as bad as they would like it to be

  • MikeBarret

    Man what! A fellow can’t even get a Big Buford without getting shot. Pretty sure I’ve been to that location but it was called Rally’s before.

    • NCOWife2

      Wrong! Diversity and so-called urban culture works well in many cities across America. I have lived in some of those places. The problem with Memphis is its SES, coupled with Tennessee’s lax criminal laws.

      The amount we lost when moving back here is more than twice the amount that most families earn per year. Many others, especially those that do not have a diploma or GED, can’t find any employment. Unemployment/underemployment never has a positive outcome, no matter the group of people affected.

      Replace political officials, fix the criminal laws, hold parents accountable for truancy (like many other states that attach very encouraging fines), increase the graduation rate, and recruit new business to the city. Every successful city has this recipe.

  • The Real HatesElvis

    All you white folks sound mad but for what.? .y’all sound stupid if y’all don’t stay in the area why are you hot and bothered by what everyone else doing.?? Do we bother you people when y’all killing kids and feeling on your nephews and little cousins… Reality check Memphis been doomed before blacks got the power positions in the city, you people been killing and acting reckless since the 20s so please move out the city we don’t want y’all here…

    • Munkeeeeeee

      Yeah that’s why predominantly white cities have low crime rates, and in major cities with predominantly black populations the crime rate is through the roof…

      Keep trying ghetto trash, someday you’ll wake up and smell the Skittles.

    • The Real HatesElvis

      What a stupid reply… Tell me why in a city that’s majority black why is it a white man on every exit off the interstate begging for change with a sign that says please feed me homeless shelters are packed with whites so the question is who is gonna feed y’all we good silly white man..

  • The Real HatesElvis

    Google the statistics its more white people on welfare in Tennessee than any other race you people are a race of bums, thieves, and junkies always talking bad about other people cause y’all hate the face in the mirror.. Go find a job and put the rocks, pills, and liquor down and stop begging and making excuses…..

  • Hard Truths

    Just keep driving out the tax base. You’ll get the ethnic cleansing so many blacks desire so badly.

    And you know, it just is NOT white people’s fault that blacks keep shooting one another. It’s black people’s fault.

    • Hard Truths

      And blacks with any sense are going to leave, too.

      The professional class in Memphis is largely not local.

  • ChrisWilliamsisaDummy

    The real Elvis. You are about stupid you racist monkey. Every since monkey willie was voted in Memphis has been horrible. Y’all keep voting ape in. Long as you do you will get what you ask for. Your to dumb to see it.

  • Candi

    Welfare was created for whites. Where do you get your racist statistics frombbecause if you go visit dhs you can clearly see the different races inside and I promise you blacks are not the majority. Go see for yourself. I’m sure half of your family and even you have or is currently receiving gov benefits right now. Geesh you racist ignats are not worth debating with y’all know the truth ………

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