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At Boneheads, they like to say adventure is the spice of life. They use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in all of our dishes, made to order daily. Their signature spices and sauces are an incredible combination of exotic ingredients not found anywhere else. It is no wonder they win so many awards!

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Join them at their Oak Court location for a variety of menu items of freshly grilled fish, and piri-piri chicken. Try their fish, chicken or shrimp tacos, fresh salads and wraps to go along with their signature Bonehead shrimp appetizer.

And Boneheads offers a catering menu with packages for any occasion. Order chicken and fish combinations, taco bar, or sandwiches. You can also include sides, salads, soups, and dessert!

Just a sample of their menu items includes:

  • mahi mahi with grilled zuccini
  • piri piri chicken
  • flame broiled salmon

All their salads are made with freshly prepared ingredients and served with your choice of grilled fish, grilled chicken or a marinated portobello mushroom.

Information provided by “Be Our Guest” and Boneheads

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  • Bill

    I had lunch at the Perkins store last weekend. The foodprep person did not have a hairnet or cap on and was drinking soda from an open container. The other foodprep guy did not have a hat or cap on either. Later, before I finished lunch I saw the cashier in the foodprep area eating.

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