Ant Invasion Starts Early In The Mid-South

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(Memphis) They are creepy and crawly and absolutely uninvited, but every year like clockwork they come back.

Lanier James owns a pest control company.

He said, "The weather dictates when we are going to get them."

James says the hard winter we saw here in the Mid-South killed the fire ants, but not your standard household invaders.

"You have to understand when you are dealing with pests like this they are going to survive. They have been for many, many years. Millions actually," James said.

It doesn't matter how clean your kitchen is. When the weather gets cold, they go inside, and now that it's warming up, they are coming back out.

James says they not operate on a time clock, but rather, the forecast.

"They begin to do what mother nature tells them to do, they begin forging for food, to get stocked up for next winter. It's a never-ending cycle."

If you do not want to get your house sprayed by pest control, you can leave out things like bay leaves, vinegar, cloves or cinnamon in problem areas to kill the ants, but be careful if your pets can get to them.

And once you've got a handle on the ants, it will be time for the lady bugs.