Tech Makes Up Mammogram Results; Two Women Dead

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Rachael Rapraeger

(Perry, GA CNN) A former hospital technician was sentenced to up to six months in prison after she pleaded guilty to manipulating the mammogram results of 1,289 patients.

Prosecutors say 10 of those women were given false negatives and two of them have since died of cancer.

According to court documents, 33-year-old Rachael Rapraeger told patients at Perry Hospital that their mammograms were negative when a doctor had never actually reviewed them.

Judge Katherine Lumsden said, “You played Russian roulette with the lives of essentially a thousand women in this community.”

In December 2009, Sharon Holmes was relieved when her mammogram came back negative.

Just two months later, Holmes was diagnosed with breast cancer and learned that it had progressed so much the disease had actually spread to her lymphnodes.

In court, Holmes said, “You could have made a different decision, and my family and I would not be living this nightmare.”

Rapraeger’s attorney says she was overworked, overwhelmed and wasn’t supervised like she should have been.

Floyd Buford, Rapraeger’s attorney, said, “She just could not keep up with her workload and when faced with that, then she started doing what she did. Not to make any money but to try to make her hospital employer happy, not realizing what the consequences could be.”

Rapraeger pleaded guilty to 10 counts of reckless conduct and one felony count of computer forgery.

She was sentenced to 10 years of probation, a $12,500 fine and will serve up to six months in a detention center.

She also won’t be allowed to hold any job in the health care field for 10 years.

Buford says his client is ‘very remorseful’ and is paying the price for her actions.

However, her victims are not satisfied with the punishment.

Holmes said, “If I’m sentenced, living a sentence of having cancer, then you should live a sentence also behind bars.”

Holmes has been in remission for three years.


  • whoyoukiddin

    What does she mean she wasn’t properly supervised? Do your freaking job! Obviously she didn’t know how to ask for help and she has now had people pay the ultimate price. Yes she deserves more time behind bars than she is doing.

  • Dan

    She was too lazy to do her job. She still is not taking the responsibility for her heinous crime and trying to put the blame on the hospital. Her punishment is pathetic! Comical justice for a heinous crime!!!

  • Donna Beene

    She should NEVER be able to hold a job in the health care field again! If she couldn’t do her job then she could have at least told someone she was overwhelmed and asked for help. She made the decision to do what she did and should be held responsible. Her sentence was too light.

  • Laura

    She should be charge with the deaths as well. Maybe those ladies could still be here if they had the correct results and could have sought treatment before it was too late. That woman

  • Kay

    Wow, I don’t think race had anything to do with this. She is so sorry.
    Should have gotten a longer prison sentence

  • Whatever !!!

    Chris Williams you are about a Racist Monkey. Deal with it. White people aren’t making all the blacks kill each other. White in nowhere close to your brothers crimes.

  • Dr. JohnS

    The medical community has been telling us that mammograms are not that reliable. But I am not sure this is what they had in mind.

  • American

    I am certainly not condoning what this woman did but you posters dont have a clue what is happening in the medical community. When my wife started as a RN in 1990 there were 8 paitents to a nurse, then 12, then 16 and now 20. Absolutely no way to provide proper care with those numbers. My wife finally quit rather than be held responsible for not doing her job.

  • American

    And as further example of putting your life at risk there are those who remember when the medical field had LPN’s to assist the RN’s. GONE!!. Replaced with CNA’s. Know what a CNA is? They are supposed to help with the bed pans, sheets, rolling the patients etc. Pay? $9 an hour if you are lucky. They have minimum training, dont show up for work, and if they do you can find them on 2 hour breaks or hiding elsewhere in the building. My healthcare/insurance is thru the VA. Been reading about that? If I get a serious disease I fully expect to die.

  • Lea

    Unfortunately @American is correct. As a 24yr RN I can tell you, health”care” today is scary, for the staff & patients. I’m starting to look at career alternatives, & do not look forward to the day I’m a pt myself.

  • Sandra Varcadipane

    She should at least be charged with 2 counts of manslaughter. Her job was to take the pictures, not make a diagnosis. The hospital and doctors should also be held accountable for not keeping on top of things. So sad.

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