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Residents Ask For More Police Presence After Shooting

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(Horn Lake, MS) Allen Hopkins showed us the burn marks all over the back of his truck's seat. He said someone tried to burn it after he called police to report gang activity on his block.

“I walked outside there were people running, everyone ducking and hiding under cars,” said Hopkins.

People along Cornwall Street say crime is rising - more renters with gang ties are moving from the city, and they no longer feel safe letting their kids roam free.

“I see property values going down, drug dealing on a regular basis and I hear gunshots. It's not what it used to be,” said one man, who asked not to be identified out of fear of retaliation.

There was a drive-by shooting on his block, another not far away.

They've begged the city to take action with not much luck

“It makes me feel like my tax money is a waste,” said the unidentified resident.

Alderman Charlie Roberts said the police are investigating but that's all they'll tell him.

Roberts says city leaders have made a stricter curfew and are trying to do something about the lack of homeowners.

“It's a mixture of people coming from surrounding areas and we want to be on top of it,” said Roberts

The police chief, Darryl Whaley, said he hasn't heard from enough people to be overly concerned.

“More and more it seems people want their community to be safe but they don't want to participate in keeping it safe by reporting crime or suspicious circumstances to the police. Everybody wants to be safe but few want to be involved,” said Whaley.


  • Don

    Everybody wants to be safe but few want to be involved,” said Whaley.

    Now what he really said: When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. ( to take a report)
    Folks, it is up to you to protect your home and family. You are going to have to shoot back. Not just you, but the whole neighborhood.


    Seems to me this guy is placing blame on the people of Memphis that are moving down to the Horn Lake area, SORRY BUD– you have people that have lived right there in MS with those same kids only they moved to your area. YOU have to get involved, you have to have NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH, and you have to have the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH SIGNS posted once you get your group togethter. YOU have to work together, you have to pull together and it cannot JUST BE ONE PERSON coming forward, it has to be all of you in the neighborhood. SCARED or NOT go forward with this and CLEAN THEM OUT. People NEED to raise thier children with RESPECT and KEEP THEM OUT OF THESE SITUATIONS. I myself would like to SEE ALL GANG ACTIVITY STOPPED, but it is going to take a MOUNTAIN of people to work together to get this stopped and NOT just the POLICE FORCE, it is going to take each and everyone of us to HELP stop it. If they do something wrong, give them MORE TIME. Just do not slap thier hands and let them out. JAIL THEM A LONG WHILE and give them time to think.

  • Russ Brown

    I agree.. If your neighborhood will not stand with you in a united front against these gang members a drug dealers, you don’t stand much of a chance in ridding your neighborhood of this disease. The more uncomfortable you make it for those thugs, the less p
    problems you’ll have, although it will get worse before it gets better.

  • mr. matt

    the thing is alot of these “gang members” are just bored kids looking for attention and some sort of love they lack at home. which will bring a tear to my eye when i put a bullet in thier brain

  • Wake Up

    Lived in a neighborhood where people wouldn’t stand up. Now r they are scratching their heads and acting like this was all out of the blue.

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