Motion Filed To Revoke Subpoenas Issued To Gov. Haslam, Senator Corker

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(Nashville) A motion was filed Thursday to revoke subpoenas issued to Gov. Bill Haslam, U.S. Senator Bob Corker, and other state officials.

They were subpoenaed by attorneys for the United Auto Workers Union, which wants them to testify at an upcoming hearing over the union’s efforts to organize the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga.

The motion states, “If the Subpoenas are not revoked, the Union will be permitted to use the NLRB’s procedures to subject Tennessee government officials to an abuse of process which will chill legitimate public debate, effectively silence any opposing views, and distract the NLRB from the fact that the Union lost an election it controlled in virtually every facet, except the result.”

Documents leaked to a Nashville TV station earlier this month show Haslam wanted a say in the Volkswagen deal with the union, and if workers voted against unionizing, promised Volkswagen $300 million in incentives to build a second auto plant that would bring 1,300 jobs.

Haslam has denied any involvement, but WTVF discovered emails revealing Corker’s office was in contact with anti-union activists, and then shared that information with members of the governor’s staff.

Statement from Todd Womack, Senator Corker’s Chief of Staff:

After a stinging defeat, rather than respect the workers’ decision the UAW is trying to create a sideshow and we’ve referred this matter to legal counsel.  We hope other people who might be inclined to consider the UAW will take this development as a cautionary tale.


  • Linda W

    Cry me a river .. Everyone needs to look up Eddie York… He was against a union too. Then you’ll see the real bullies

  • shane

    There’s a big difference between a debate over what is right and using your power and position to interject fear and intimidation into a democratic process. Please don’t cover up the illegal activity these government officials perpetrated! They are worng and should be held accountable! Bottom line, they don’t want workers tohave a voice at work.

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