Family Arrested In East High School Brawl

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(Memphis) Police say a family caused problems at East High School big enough for them to be thrown in jail Wednesday.

It started as a fight, and one student's parents were called to pick her up.

Tamika Price, the student's mom, and Madarius Jones, the student's brother, showed up.

However, that only made things worse.

Police say Jones and his little sister ran around the school looking for trouble.

When security tried to stop the duo, their mother jumped in.

It turned into an all out brawl at East High School.

"That's kind of scary that it gets to that point," John Freeman, a man who lives near the school, said.

What started out as a fight between students turned into somewhat of a family affair.

As security tried getting them out of the school, police report Jones and his little sister kept trying to break away and fight again.

Security officers stopped them, but not for good.

WREG was told Jones and the student ran out of the building and into another entrance.

They were stopped again before another fight could break out.

"I would hope that there would be some more professional attitudes and that kind of thing and people could just come together and work it out instead of just getting into a fight." Freeman said.

However, the student broke away once again.

While officers tried taking her down, Jones reportedly began throwing fists and punching security officers.

"Things can really happen fast," Freeman said. "I know you get upset, somebody says the wrong word to you as a parent man you're going to fly off the handle," he said.

Police said Tamika Price did just that -- pushing officers after they pepper sprayed her and her children to get things under control.

"One thing leads to another words may be said but I just -- it's scary that could happen in a city school. It's just scary," Freeman said.

Jones and Price both bonded out of jail on Thursday.

The student was taken to juvenile court.


    • Smh

      Oh we should worry about joining with the little with kids blowing the school up , shooting innocent kids , killing their teacher , & my favorite doing herion or crack we should be worried about joining with Munci school rather the old MCS the school doesn’t make you you make the school ! Remember that I know a lot of doctors , lawyers , teachers , Mayors , that came from a MCS school ! Smh

  • Ehs

    I’m a student at East High School And I witness the fight Channel 3 always makes the situation worse than what it is , there was no fight at all only verbal words , the only reason they were sent to jail , because the students caused a riot ! And stupid news cast maybe the family lived down the street or something you guys always jump to conclusions you make me sick to my stomach reporting such things on the NEWS!! Try reporting some positive in your life for once instead of being on EAST HIGH TAIL ALL THE TIME!! Every school has fights and parents come up there doing things , but you decide to point this story out and why are you worried about where the father is where is yours ? He could have died you people are so stupid & extra if you were not there you have no reason to make such foul comment!! Maybe the girl was get bullied and she couldn’t take it anymore & what about the leadership skills at the school so before you jump on the parent fault or the child do you know the OFFICALLY story ! You people believe anything the news say these day they twist things around to get views smh ,

    -Witness to what happen

    • Anonymous

      By your own admission, you are a high school student. Are you aware that you write at about a third grade level?

      The lack of education in this country is appalling. I challenge you to respond with a well written explanation.

      Perhaps you are posting from a small smart phone without auto-correct. Maybe you were driving down I-240 when you made the two posts above. Please tell me that isn’t the best you can do!

      • smh

        I dont have to do anything!!! Are you adware I dont care & that it’s funny to me how you are trying to belittle me very mature of you lol , and Oh im sorry I didnt know I was writing a essay ! Regardless of how I shared my.thoughts you still understood me and for your information I take all AP CLASSES IM AT THE top of my class and I have over 30 colleges that wants me to attend their school & I made a 33 on the ACT!! So yeahh I your so irrevalant.

  • mr. matt

    i meant that as a joke because im sure the house is fatherless. my dad is at home with my mom and he would have never sent me to that craphole of a school like east. if the girl was having problems and getting bullied there is a PROPER way to handle things, sounds like they decided to handle it hood style.

  • Sally Smith

    East High is OUT OF CONTROL and needs new leadership. It makes me sick to read and hear about how that lovely old building has been turned into yet another city embarrassment. And another thing….you wonder how learning can take place in an environment like that.

  • Ehs

    Anyways you shouldnt make foul jokes like that , and no that wasn’t my mom you stupid JERK!! & that’s great to hear to about your family WHO CARES WHAT does that have to do with the situation you people always try to make the worst out of things what if that was your daughter or etc I was witness she came into the office as calm as can be but you & the news take everything out of portion ! You have no point in commenting because you do not know the whole story , but how did know the parent didn’t come up there before or call about being bullied you people make me sick!!! So just don’t jump to conclusion and say she isn’t a great parent you can not judge that about here because the stupid news told lies , And just because you have a father doesn’t make him a great one or a man . I don’t know him personally so your irrelevant to me !

  • 122811

    These comments confirmed why schools are getting out of hand. Kids these days have none or very little positive people around. First of all if the father is not in the home who cares,that was harsh and cruel to say. Its not just East High these issues are happening everywhere, when they took religion and paddling out of schools this is the result. Parents can’t disclipine thier children without others screaming child abuse. It takes a village to raise a child, our children are not with us 24/7 so its more than just the parents raising them, and it will only get worse.Alot of these comments are racist and just because a person is african american does not mean a father is not around…..dumb stupid mf

  • 122811

    And the parent could have been to the school several times about the same issue and nothing was done about and if that was the case I would have went up to the school too about mine with my husband. fym….yep im african american call me ghetto but I try and do things the right way but when I feel authorities brush the issue off or dont do anything about it the next call the parent get is from the police saying your child is dead or hurt really bad, so maybe the mother just had enough,with a good laywer those charges will be DISMISSED!!!!

  • mr. matt

    i attempted to read the ebonic essays(33 on ACT yea right) and tried to make some sense out of what you guys are saying but i just cant do it…

    • smh

      Then don’t read it you stupid no life JERK! ! & That’s fine don’t believe your opinion doesn’t matter I know what I made so that’s all that really matters I can’t wait to see you people at my feet begging FOR A JOB or to work with me . Just Wait

      • Anonymous

        It appears as if smh and ehs are the same person. Despite being challenged (not demanded) to reply with proper grammar and punctuation, you have replied several times with very poorly written statements. We are convinced that that is the best you can do, despite your claims to the contrary.

        You will likely go on to get a degree at some college somewhere and indeed get a job. I work with hundreds of people like you. People that for some reason are pushed through the system despite not having the education that they should.

      • smh

        Wow , I didnt know I was writing a essay to enter college , therefore I will continue to write as I please , you have no life so you get to sit at your little laptop and rant who care??! And I will never work with a jerk like you I will control you you will beg me for a raise!! unlike you I will have a career and not a job .

    • smh

      Your Funny!! Lol apparently you cant read , because I already STATED I WASN’T GOING TO!! Your a NOBODY , prove my point for what ?!! Its obvious you have no life

      • anonymous

        The only thing I can imagine others begging from you is the key to the restrooms at Quickie Mart.

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