Suspect arrested in Ole Miss student’s death

Arrest Made In Beating Of Elderly West Memphis Woman

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(West Memphis, AR) Two people have been arrested after an 89-year-old woman in West Memphis, Ark., was beaten so badly a bloody footprint was left on her face.

It was just after 9 p.m. Monday when Allene Durdin answered her door and was beaten and robbed in her North McAuley Drive home.

She had seven broken ribs, a broken nose and bleeding of the brain, according to her granddaughter.

Arrested were Terrio Pope, 19, and Ramon Huntley, 17, both of West Memphis.

Both are charged as adults with Aggravated Residential Burglary, Battery 1st Degree and Robbery.

Each is being held on a $350,000 bond.

West Memphis police say the two forced themselves into Dardin's home on N. McCauley Dr., then beat and robbed her.

Dardin was on the phone with her best friend and neighbor, Becky Creasy, when the men attacked.

"I heard her screaming on the phone," Creasy said, choking back tears.

Creasy said she cannot understand why someone would do this to her friend.

"[She is] giving, loving, sharing... she's a wonderful Christian woman."

Valerie Hyatt, Durdin’s granddaughter, told us before the arrests, “I want them to know that was a coward move. We are actively trying to figure out who you are, and you best believe you are going to be caught."

Thursday, Hyatt was still wearing the hospital badge after visiting her grandmother when she stopped by Dardin's home to make sure it was still locked up.

While she said her grandma is recovering, she still has a long way to go.

News of two arrests in the case has now brought her family some relief.

"I think we all could run up and down the hallways of the hospital hollering and jumping," Hyatt said, describing the moment her family found out.

As for the two arrested for the crime, Hyatt said, "You all deserve everything you are fixing to get, everything you already got. I'm glad you got caught."


  • whoyoukiddin

    There is something wrong with these people who are beating the elderly. There is a special place just waiting for you.

  • Marian Huey Taylor

    “Battery 1st Degree”? More like Attempted Murder…. These animals have no fear of God and definitely no conscience, and it would be fitting punishment for someone to stomp THEIR faces in so they will have first-hand knowledge of what this lady has had to endure. Before they are shipped off to prison, STERILIZE THEM so they will NEVER be able to reproduce.

  • kay

    these thugs are a waste of air and space, worthless POS, too bad she did not blow them away upon them entering her home

  • SayNoMore

    I am so very gald, and pray with all sincerity, that the police have caught the guys who did this horrific crime. We cannot tolerate these vicious acts, and whenever I hear of this happening I start carrying my gun almost everywhere I go. Do not let the guilty out of jail, for this crime was attempted murder and if she dies (heaven forbid) from this beating it should be 1st degree murder with death penalty. These youths have got to be taught that there are serious consequences for their actions. We don’t allow parents enough flexibility to mete out a good butt whipping and this is what we are getting.

  • Don

    They beat an 89-year-old woman.
    If it takes two beat some one 89, how many thugs would it tale to beat a 100 year old woman? Disgusting!!!!

  • Howard Stern

    You can’t sink much lower than a thug attacking a defenseless old lady. I certainly hope the lady that was attacked pulls through OK, but I would love to see these animals serve life in prison w/no parole or even get the death penalty.

    • PIE

      You know this is only going to end with a slap on the hand because they are”black oppressed boy’s” and this is the “white mans” fault

      • Chris Williams

        Well it is the white man’s fault. If it wasn’t for the white man, blacks would still be in Africa. So by default, it’s the white man’s fault.

      • DD

        @ChrisWilliams, I bet you are one of those boys who blames everybody for everything bad in your life instead of just owning up and taking responsibility. Everyone regardless of race is discriminated against in their lifetime, but you still determine the life you have. So if you think it is the white mans fault for how miserable you are or how miserable one race is instead of taking ownership, then you sir deserve everything you get.

  • hank wesson

    Don’t worry they will get beaten in jail by the older prisoners I don’t feel sorry for these maniac punks they deserve every beating they will get in jail 350,000 dolllar bond is too low for these two fools that is why Iam always armed when I go out at night it don’t bother me to kill a punk I believe an eye for an eye for an eye

  • hank wesson

    In these days and times you have to be ready to take a life whenever yours is threaten by physical confrontatation its kill or be killed she should have blown them away remember an eye for an eye

  • Educator and Mom

    These two disgust me. I cannot even stand to look at their faces. I will never understand people who victimize babies, toddlers, children, or elderly people. This was uncalled for and wrong on so many levels! I hope they will get the harshest punishment allowable by law.

  • blakspartan

    When will the naacp buffoons and these so called black civil rights leaders address the issues of young black males causing havoc in the community, as a black male I’m getting sick of the uprising of crime caused my heartless black thugs,

  • sickofthis

    doesn’t matter what the color of a person breaking the law is wrong and beating a elderly person is sick

  • I know the lady

    I know the lady that was beaten up by these low life pos!! This was a awful disgusting crime. You people who throw out race give me a break. You do NOT See any of our family or friends throwing race in anything. We wanted them caught weather they were blue purple yellow black or WHITE!! We are just thankful she is alive!



  • Tammy Wilson

    i agree maybe we all newd to be blind so we want see color. crime is a crime black, white, orange whatever. parents do need to be more aware of their children it starts at home. every time i watch the news it be a young person that committing these crimes. lord help us all because these generation here is going to doom us all, and stop with the black and white mess we are all of the human race!!!!

  • Negishi Sissies

    The article print report ,says that she was 89 , but the video report states that she was 81 , which one is it ?………….then perhaps the women beat-up the boys !

  • buddy m

    I just knew the perps would be white! It’s always white male teenagers committing cowardly acts of violence against those weaker than them.

  • not sure

    These punks deserve a beating themselves. I hope some of the prisoners will perform that duty. Next story should be prisoners made them into prison bit##s.

  • not sure

    Oh the moderators do not like me saying these folls deserve a good ole fashioned b e at down or becoming jailhouse women if you know what i mean. so here is the clean version.

  • MyHairsOnFire

    Jungle savages belong back in the Congo swinging in the trees and chanting voodoo. Should have NEVER brought them here.

  • kram

    Their mothers say they are good boys who wouldn’t do anything like this!! At least this lady wasn’t raped as the elderly women usually are by these feral insects. Maybe they ran out of time.

  • Ruckus_Tom

    Hi Mr. / Ms. Newspaper person. Is the victim Durdin or Dardin?

    It was just after 9 p.m. Monday when Allene Durdin answered her door

    West Memphis police say the two forced themselves into Dardin’s home

    Dardin was on the phone

    Valerie Hyatt, Durdin’s granddaughter

    she stopped by Dardin’s home

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