Teen Records Bullies But He Is The One In Trouble

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(McDonald, PA) A 15-year-old Pennsylvania boy was being bullied, so he recorded the bullies on his iPad but then he was the one charged and convicted.

When Christian Love brought the video to the principal at South Fayette High School, the principal called police on the student saying he illegally recorded his classmates as they were taunting him, “I wanted some help,” he said. “This wasn’t just a one-time thing. This always happens every day in that class.”

While waiting for police, the teen says the principal forced him to erase the seven minute long video and said he had violated state law that says all parties must consent to be recorded.

The students Love says he recorded bullying him were not disciplined.

Shea Love told triblive.com her son has been diagnosed with ADHD, comprehension delay and anxiety disorders and has been repeatedly bullied.

Christian Love was convicted of a lesser crime, the original was a felony, and fined $25 plus court costs.

“What I want is for heads to roll,” Shea Love told FoxNews.com. “But he said to me, ‘Mom, it might make you feel better if people get fired, but that won’t change anything.’ He said there needs to be more compassion for people and changes to the zero tolerance policy. I want people’s heads to roll, but my son doesn’tand I have to respect his wishes.”

The Blaze reported according to school records, Love has been a well-behaved student with no history of disciplinary action.

Love is due to appear in court on April 29 at the Pittsburgh Court of Common Pleas to appeal the disorderly conduct conviction.

If those charges are dropped and school officials apologize, Love said she won’t file a civil lawsuit against the district.



  • Sherri

    If the principal forced him to erase the illegally obtained video, what are they charging him with? There’s no evidence.

  • Michael kitchen

    How stupid, that’s what’s wrong now to many of the wrong. “laws” in favor of the wrong people, never heard of such a stupid law!

  • Michael kitchen

    This principle should be fired on the spot and horse whipped to go with it, I can’t believe he was that stupid!!😡

  • David Carter

    He should be evaluated for killer mental issues. His kind are the ones killing and stabbing, masses of people.

  • jeremy

    I dont want to hear a word on the news when this kid comes and shoots the bullies in school…not one word.poor kid tries to get help and you have him arrested.this principle should be FIRED how the hell are these kids supposed to report bullying and then you arrest him…What a messed up system!

  • Bill

    Just another very blatant example of the deterioration of the school system and society in general. How could a person with this mindset even be a school principal?
    And what does this say about any law that allows this child to be charged with with anything?
    In my way of thinking this child should be considered a hero for doing the most sensible, yet obviously difficult thing possible in trying to expose the bullies to those “in charge”.

  • Lawdog

    I think this can be won on appeal. The charge of recording someone without their consent is typically applied in voyeurism cases or overly aggressive paparazzi.

    The key is that the recording would have to be made when a reasonable person would expect privacy (like in a restroom or inside your house). There is no expectation of privacy in a public place.

  • Lawdog

    Further food for thought: if it applied to all cases where you were recorded without your consent, even in public places, every shop owner with anti theft surveillance systems would be committing a felony.

  • Monica Garrett

    Many people in authority don’t know how to use common sense any more. The principle should be fired and if not I would bring a law-suit against the school board. And if the video had been erased, I don’t understand how the young man could have been arrested and charged. There may be more to this story.

  • Jim Forsythe

    How do they fine school administrators this stupid? The kid should be commended for a job well done, and the jerks that the principal protected should be suspended.

  • LeeAnn Brooks

    At the beginning of school, my children bring home a piece of paper asking if they can be recorded or videoed in school. Most parents just sign it without thinking about it. I guarantee if the court demands the bullying child’s records, they will find that his lackadaisical parents signed the letter, therefore, releasing your son of ALL charges.
    Then the principal should have to apologize and civil suit filed against him and the school for forcing your son to delete evidence. It’s tampering, plain and simple and can carry a very high expensive sentence.
    Go get ’em Momma! You making a stand can absolutely make an affect on the school and district, and force them to speak to their student body more often about bullying. There is nothing more scary to a school than a mad momma. Explain to your son that sitting down and allowing their bad judgement pass will just can continue to feed into their “better than thou” mentality. He deserves to be heard LOUD and CLEAR. Don’t let him give up!

    • Don

      If the school has cameras this boy’s principle should be fired on the spot. PA is not in Russia, but government is democratic This says they do what they please, as the president said over an open mike lately.

  • betty

    I raised my daughter telling her if anyone hurt her to tell a teacher or a police officer or me..basically to tell an adult..when she was in first grade a bunch of kids were picking on her so she told the teacher..the first thing the teacher did was put her in the corner and tell her its not nice to be a tattle tale…teachers and principals need to listen to the students and quit worrying about what they’re gonna do after work and they’re paychecks..neglectfull teachers and principals are why our schools are so dangerous now

  • t

    NO wonder bullied children feel so hopeless. The law has made parents useless, made principals/teacher hopeless and judges/police just plain stupid. So he tried to get help in a none violent way and his reward for not pulling a gun and shooting everyone involved, a lawsuit and fine. And what did the bullies and their parents get? Not what they deserve. Thanks to a society who took discipline from the adults, guns/power to children and no hope for those of us who arent violent and just want to live in a peaceful world.

  • subshine

    My daughter was provoked and bullIed was kicked out and my daughter even wrote a stress letter and the schools did nothing and it was so evident that it was set up by my ex boyfriend cousin which was her teacher and another teacher who works with her

  • Mom

    Common sense is gone! Zero tolerance is stupid. My son, while in first grade, and while playing on the SCHOOL PLAYGROUND, found a “pretty green rock”. What happened? Suspended! Zero tolerance. A piece of broken glass found on their grounds and they “zero tolerate” a first grader finding it. This issue above: ridiculous. The same goes for the corporate rules that roll the same way: they want to control without thought. Mindless followers who simply don’t want to deal with issues.

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