Missing 3-Year-Old Found Inside Claw Machine

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Photo: KETV

(Lincoln, NE) A 3-year-old boy crawled into a claw machine Monday to play with the toys while his mother searched in vain for him.

The woman said she was in the bathroom at her apartment when the boy left through an unlocked door.

While she searched and called police, patrons at the bowling alley across the street spotted a child in a claw machine.

Employees called the vendor, who rushed over and got the boy out from the machine unharmed.

When police arrived at the apartment to help look for the missing child, a bowling alley patron waved them over and told them about the boy inside.

The officers then pieced everything together, and reunited mother and son.

Police say the mother reacted appropriately, so she was not cited.

The vendor let the little boy keep one of the toys.

Many fans of the TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ remember an episode where this same thing happened.



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