Need A Job? Fairs Give Those Looking Opportunities

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(Memphis) AutoNation is the latest business on the hunt for workers in the Mid-South.

Gregory Hadsall has been looking for a sales job for about six months and hopes this fair will land him one.

"It's been hard to even find job fairs and people who are hiring or advertising they are hiring. So it's good. Very exciting. Good to know there are several job fairs even this week," Hadsall said.

This week's job fairs include the Teach 901 Job Fair Tuesday night at Central BBQ downtown for teaching jobs.

ALDI is holding a fair Wednesday, April 16th, for store associates, shift managers and manager trainees at the Marriott East located at 5795 Poplar Avenue.

Goldstrike Casino will be looking for a variety of workers Thursday, April 17th, at the G.W. Henderson Recreation Center, located at 1165 Abby Drive in Tunica.

University of Memphis Economics Professor John Gnuschke says job growth has been slow and employers are selective.

"It's stiff competition for those looking for work. Turnover rate has been low in part because nobody wants to leave the job they currently have. So competition is stiff."

Gnuschke told us the unemployment rate has fallen because of modest job growth and job seekers no longer searching, but it will take a lot more job creation to turn things around.

Some job seekers hope this is a start.

"There are a lot of professionals like myself got caught in a layoff or downsizing they weren't expecting. When you have been doing it for so long and then all of a sudden you can't even find a job that you wouldn't have looked at before," said Hadsall.


  • Andy

    If they aren’t middle-class market jobs, they will have no impact on Memphis economy. Statistics show there are at least 20% long-term unemployed that were in this market, but lost jobs due to the rescission. These were hardworking tax payers with experience and or degrees that are still unemployed.

    Until these markets become available, little to nothing will change. That’s the hard truth. My prediction is that Memphis will become bankrupt, roughly 5 to 7 years from now. A good part of e blame goes to city leaderships fault and their poor moral perspective. Raising taxes, promoting race hate, and taking money under the table are poor job creators.

    • Greer

      I agree Andy. If these aren’t professional grade jobs, it is not helping the city at all. We need people who can pay taxes. Not low-income people who are exempt from them. The city needs money! These companies are on the line as well. If Memphis sinks they will go down with the ship. So, they better start getting proactive and hire these people who have been subject to long term unemployment.

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