Flight Attendant Gives Safety Instructions In A Way Most Won’t Soon Forget

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(WREG-TV) While I’ve never had the pleasure of flying on Southwest Airlines, I have heard their flight attendants are great and funny also.

This flight attendant combines stand-up comedy with the ubiquitous safety instructions at the beginning of the flight.

From gin flowing through the oxygen mask to a ‘special’ smoking section she makes the instructions funny, but most important she gets teh passengers to actually pay attention and hopefully remember the safety instructions.

Pay attention at 1:38 and see if you catch the joke she inserts :)


    • Penny Goldman

      When I was a Flight Attendant for Trans State Airlines I was called “Funny Lady”. I had 10 Buddy Passes and an outstanding Service Pin and Captain’s Commendation Letter for use of humor in my cabin. i was asked if I was using Southwest’s material and I said “No” they use mine.
      I was a sole flight attendant and I have to say the best comment came from a 93 year old man who upon departing said, “Lady you are crazy but you are good” . I used to say I baked all the snacks in my hotel and to not ask for the good cookies because the crew likes them. Those
      were the days. What Fun. The stories I could tell. Thanks to all my passengers, you were the best!!

  • Whatever

    Southwest is great! Had a flight attendant that was equally as entertaining flying out of Houston.

  • takenobull

    Well I am against the flow here. I could understand little she said. If the plane goes down I doubt if anyone will be saved by her humor.

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