Aniston Walker’s Death Ruled A Homicide

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(Memphis) According to autopsy records, the death of 7-week-old Aniston Walker was caused by 'homicidal violence.'

Walker's mother Andrea, is charged with first-degree murder in perpetration of aggravated child abuse and first-degree murder in perpetration of child neglect.

The autopsy found no injury or illness which would result in death. There were no drugs or medications in Aniston's system.

The medical examiner found the death was from intentional violence of 'undetermined type.'

"If there are no injuries, why is it a homicide as opposed to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome," said Leslie Ballin, Andrea Walker's attorney.

Andrea Walker originally told people she took another child to school and left Aniston home with her 3-year-old son on January 9. She said when she came home Aniston wasn't there.

A month later, on February 16th, the little girl was found face down in a ditch on Singleton Parkway.

"The question must be asked: how did this child die? Why did this child die? As far as an element of homicide charge, it has to be death other than accidental means," said Ballin.

We asked for a comment from the medical examiner, but she did not want to do an interview.


  • Bill

    Win or lose, Balin seems to go after the most high profile cases possible. I guess that’s his advertising.
    I agree that the mother deserves the most stringent punishment due to her silence. At the very least it seems she is aiding & abetting the crime, if she didn’t cause the death herself. Then there is the question of who disposed of the little body.
    Makes me wonder if one of her other children caused the baby’s death and, by her silence, she’s covering that up.

  • Shirley Johnson

    Why not the father? He didn’t want the child and he had a key to the house and was off work that day. He was $30,000. behind in child support and the hearing was scheduled for February. Aniston would have been added to the support order. He denied knowledge of her, but reported her missing. The police have tapes of him talking about Aniston. He didn’t want Aniston, so he had a motive and means to get rid of her. Why is it that Aniston was found the day before the hearing at Juvenile Court for paternity & back child support. He threatened to get the boys and now he has them & no longer has to pay anything. So for the guys who are behind in child support, get a charge placed on the mother and you wont have to pay any rears.

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