Cars Burst Into Flames Near Memphis International Raceway

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(Millington, TN) Super Chevy Weekend at the Memphis International Raceway turned into a super problem on Saturday.

A parking lot full of cars was engulfed in flames around 4:00 p.m.

Several viewers sent WREG pictures of smoke billowing from a grassy parking lot steps away from the racetrack.

Kyle Jackson spotted the fire from his seat in the bleachers and took off running.

"By the time we took out I tried to jump the fence and get over here and tried to save what was left of the truck and wasn't no saving it," Jackson said.

There was no saving most of the 22 vehicles torched in the lot.

The flames took over the length of about two football fields.

Vehicles were left gutted, tires melted, and metal from the cars was completely twisted.

"I had GPS, keys to my 4 wheelers, keys to my house, a gun, personal belongings in there," Justin Giles, from Southhaven, said.

Giles' truck was filled with valuables.

"All that stuff is gone," he said.

Item went up in flames and we're left in ashes.

Mostly everyone at the event was left wondering what sparked the fire.

Giles claims a fellow race fanatic is responsible for the big mess.

"A guy got stuck and he was trying to get out - got his exhaust too hot and when he bottomed out the muffler caught the grass on fire," Giles said.

While fire officials believe Giles' claim is a strong possibility, they say the investigation is ongoing and nothing is being ruled out.


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