What’s Cooking At The Riverfront Development Corporation?

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(Memphis) After failing to find a private developer willing to put a restaurant in its Beale Street Landing project, the Riverfront Development Corporation decides to go into the restaurant business.

Now the RDC will operate a bar and grill in the multi-million dollar project, right next door to the souvenir shop.

The Informed Sources make predictions on how that will go.


  • Hard Truths

    This outcome is a sad — a PATHETIC — statement about a structure that never should have been built.

    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. I won’t call restaurateurs “angels”, but I sure know FOOLS when I see them.

    Who is gonna eat there? WHO is gonna want to go there? This is yet another boondoggle from those overpaid RDC clowns.

    Memphis can muster a bus tour just of the White Elephants all over this city.

  • Joe

    can someone name one enterprise that the city has taken over or thats been dumped on the taxpayers becasue someone else wanted to cut their losses….

    name one that’s been successful?

    yeah thats what I thought

    The RDC fools are at it again

  • Bill

    Property Tax money being unfairly distributed. Downtown, the playground for Politicians, Attorneys and Scum. Memphis is a lot bigger than a few city blocks, East of Midtown 240 is where the money comes from but we don’t see it.

  • Hard Truths

    Does anyone believe that anybody except RDC INSIDERS will make any money off this?

    Why is everybody who is IN THE RESTAURANT BUSINESS unwilling to take on this boondoggle?

    WHAT IDIOT demanded that we deface the shores of the Mississippi River in the first place?

    Heads should be rolling, NOW. And if they don’t roll, I can think of some politicians whose heads will roll next year in the city govt election.

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