What Happens When Pastors Get Burned Out?

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(Memphis) Church leaders know all too well about the stress that comes along with the work they were called to do.

Regional Medical Center organized a conference at Lindenwood Christian Church with the key to learning how to deal with their issues.

"They're pastors, they're ministers, they're associate ministers, they're Chaplin, they're elders, they're lay clergy. All of them have come to be part of it," Wanda Gardner-Slater,
Director of Spiritual Care with Regional Medical Center, said.

The pastors who attended have a big heart for the work they do, but sometimes their love for helping people can get in the way of their own well-being.

"They don't take time to go to the doctor, they don't take time to eat properly, they don't take time to exercise," Gardner-Slater explained.

The Regional Spiritual Health and Wellness Conference aims to change that.

Clergy from Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas participated in the conference, including WREG photographer Minister Greg Tate.

"For our communities to be healthy, they need to have healthy clergy," Gardner-Slater said.

"We want to try to help people learn how to balance their lives," Bishop William M. Young, said.

Bishop Young, Pastor of the Healing Center Full Gospel Baptist Church, taught a workshop on stress and what to do if clergy members get burned out.

"Stress is normal and natural, but you have to have boundaries and you have to have a balanced life if you're going to stay in ministry," Bishop Young said.

Other workshops focused on everything from clergy ethics to what to do when visiting a patient in the hospital.

"What we're hoping that they leave with is that they need to take better care of themselves so that when they are talking with their congregations and dealing with their congregations that they give better information," Gardner-Slater said.


  • Nuclear Mike

    The Southern Baptist Convention recognized some time ago that prayer does not solve their porblem of losing their church pastors due to the emotional toll of the Church Congregation on a single person…they had to hire professional healthcare doctors to address the loss of their resource which brings in their revenues…

  • David Carter

    The only stress they encounter is when the tithes and offerings are low. They are all greedy dogs and never have enough of anything.

  • Mann Hushh!!!!

    I think this is a great program, everyone needs a helping hand they are not perfect only human. Even Jesus had to take a break for the people.

  • MikeBarret

    When they get burned out they start groping on little boys and next thing you know they’re on TV asking for Jeezus to forgive.


    You scoundrels commenting will have the opportunity to tell the Lord that his servants are so unworthy one day. I doubt you’ll talk so bad then. God already told the rich man that his brothers had the prophets to listen to or else. You bad talking scoundrels will probably suffer what else is going to be.

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