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Tires Stolen From Several Cars In Midtown

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(Memphis) People living in Midtown woke up to find someone had stolen their car tires.

Memphis Police officers marched into Kimbrough Towers on Union Avenue Friday after a thief marched out with tires from people's cars.

"What in the world is going on? Is this like a movie? You know this is kind of scary," a man who lives in the building said.

The building resident WREG spoke to Friday afternoon was too scared to show his face because he was terrified of what might happen to him if he does.

"I walked out to the garage and saw cars sitting on bricks," the resident said.

Police said they caught the entire incident on camera.

Detectives are still checking out the video to figure out how this happened.

Someone drove into the garage between 3 and 4 a.m. and stole the tires.

"You're really unsure now because you're paying to live in a private area that you think is secure and that happens," the resident said.  "I mean and not just one car -- quite a few cars. It makes you really uncomfortable," the resident said.

There is no gate or fence protecting vehicles at the Midtown apartment complex

"I'm about to buy a new car. I don't know now if I'm going to keep living there or not," the resident said.

He said he has questions that need to be answered following a night leaving some people on edge.

"It's scary. It's very very scary. It makes you think twice about where you want to live and how safe is our city right now," he said.

While police have surveillance video, they do not have a good description of the suspect or the vehicle that was being driven.

The apartment building's manager said she is cooperating fully with the police investigation and claims there were other areas hit by tire thieves overnight.

WREG reached out to the Memphis Police Department on the claim but have not gotten a response.


  • Don

    You can get a U-Haul truck to Memphis by going to the city you are going to live in and rent one. This will save you money because you are not paying for one way rental.

    Its funny that Memphis is losing people and Collierville is is still having people moving in so fast the town is planning to build a new high school .
    Would you like to know why, just think about it for a very short time. It will come to you.

  • Joe

    same thing that happened at Reserve at Dexter Lake Apts in 2012 …..they would wait until late at night and tailgate in behind someone and then wait quietly until 3 AM….the next morning residents on the back side of the complex would wake to find their vehicles perched on concrete blocks placed under the side rails and stripped of their rims and tires

    Police could not catch them because they moved quickly….there were two different theft rings operating then.

    Residents raised enough stink so that they finally hired security to patrol the grounds and that stopped it.

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