Chic On The Cheap

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(Memphis) It's getting a lot easier for shoppers to score high end fashion on a low budget!

More and more upscale consignment shops are opening up online and in local communities.

From Louis Vuitton to Tory Burch and vintage Chanel, Sugar Plum Consignments in East Memphis definitely allows its customers to look chic on the cheap.

"Every woman wants high end fashion, but we don't want the high end price tag," owner Melissa Turner said.

The Bolivar native opened up three-and-a-half years ago. She grew up in a house with a single mom, and is one of three sisters, so she knows how to stretch a dollar.

Turner said, "To say we shared clothes would be an understatement."

That love for thrifting led to the idea for her store.

"Wanted to create a boutique atmosphere where you walked in and didn't know it was a consignment store, but as soon as you looked at the price, you knew, wow what a steal!"

Boutique style consignment continues to be a growing trend.

Sites like The Real Real and Rodeo Drive Resale offer designer shoes, handbags, and even art for as much as 90 percent off retail.

"These consignment stores have started to pop up to give women like you and me this outlet where we can look fashionable and stylish, but not have to pay an arm and a leg for it," Turner said.

If you can't quite stomach the fact you're wearing second-hand, Sugar Plum also sells new clothes, mainly overstock from local boutiques.

For folks who want to score the best deals, Turner says to visit early and often!

"If you are interested in bargains, you have to be a hunter and you have to be on it...because if not, you're going to sleep in and someone else is going to get it."

Consumers should be especially careful as it relates to counterfeits when shopping for high end consignment.

Knocks-offs sometimes look just like the real thing, so make sure to ask how the retailer authenticates its merchandise.

Furthermore, if the price is too good to be true, even for consignment, it's probably a fake!